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2019 Features

31 December 2019: Overjoyed to see this beautiful photo and wonderful review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES by @readingoctopus714 on Instagram. Read the full review here.

25 December 2019: Thrilled to receive news that my tanka received an honourable mention in the Fujisan Taisho Tanka Competition!

breathing in
the crisp fresh air
at the summit of Mt. Fuji
my last memory
with grandfather

25 December 2019: Delighted to see three of my poems selected as Haiku of Merit in the categories neo-classical haiku (2) and vanguard (1) in the December edition of World Haiku Review.

winter's night
seeing my lost babies
amongst the stars

autumn magic
my missing cat reappears
at suppertime

the poems trapped
in my throat

13 December 2019: Over the moon to see Steven Archer's beautiful painting on the cover of A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES, launching at StokerCon UK next year! Thank you so much, Jennifer and John!

13 December 2019: Thrilled to be mentioned in Michael Dylan Welch's essay Watching Haiku: Other Creatures today!

8 December 2019: Overjoyed to see the wonderful commentaries by Nicholas David Klacsanzky and Hifsa Ashraf on my poem "pale against" in Haiku Commentary today. Thank you so much, Nicholas and Hifsa!

24 November 2019: Over the moon to see my painting "Voyage to Save the World" in The Fox Poetry Box today! Grateful thanks to Tricia M. Cimera Whitworth for this honour and this beautiful picture:

22 November 2019: Elated to be mentioned in Black Gate's fantastic review of SPECTRAL REALMS: Terror, Existential Dread, and Surprised Laughter: A Review of Spectral Realms #11:

"Bram Stoker and Best Horror of the Year: 2019 (three poems nominated by Ellen Datlow!) award winner Christina Sng contributes poems, one of which "The Monsters Within" chillingly declares: "Today I see you / wearing my face . . .""

22 November 2019: Happy to receive news that my haiku "summer bamboo" received a mention in the Haiku University's Weekly Best!

summer bamboo
my son grows taller than me

13 November 2019: Honoured to be mentioned in David E. Cowen's fabulous article on dark poetry with Raw Dog Screaming Press on the Horror Writers Association blog: Raw Dog Screaming Press Talks Poetry

4 November 2019: Thrilled to see A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES alongside so many incredible books listed under this Book Riot article by Jessica Avery on 10 Creepy, Captivating Horror Poetry Collections!

"First of all, I love the cover of this collection. It is drop dead gorgeous, and a stunning autumnal addition to your bookshelves. As you'll notice with many of the collections on this list, Sng's A Collection of Nightmares embraced the tendency of poetry to invite readers into a deeper examination of their world. The difference between poetry and horror poetry is that it's less of an invite and more of a forced kidnapping. At 92 pages it's a short collection, but if you're looking for another book to fill out your Halloween reading roster, make it this one. A Collection of Nightmares will deliver all its title promises: a black dreamscape of your darkest fears."

3 November 2019: Moderated a hearty, lively panel on "Language of the Paranormal" at the Singapore Writers Festival 2019 today.

26 October 2019: I was delighted to speak at the Singapore National Library during their Halloween Night@Lib 2019 on "Why We Love Horror".

16 September 2019: Blown away to discover that 4 of my poems have made the Recommended List for the Best Horror of the Year Volume Eleven! My deepest gratitude to Ellen Datlow for this incredible honour.

Sng, Christina "Memoirs in the Dark," Spectral Realms No. 8.
Sng, Christina "The Girl and Her Wolf Dog," Spectral Realms No. 8.
Sng, Christina "The Joy of Sewing," HWA Poetry Showcase Volume V.
Sng, Christina "The Mermaid," Spectral Realms No. 9.

15 September 2019: Never would I have ever imagined a poem of mine would be discussed and thoughtfully analyzed for 20 minutes on a podcast but it was! :D

A huge thank you to Anton Cancre and Sarah Hans for their thoroughly enjoyable and brilliantly witty conversation about my poem "The Dissection" and to Jason Sizemore and Bianca Spriggs for first publishing it in Apex Magazine.

Check out the podcast here.

11 September 2019: Thrilled to announce that Raw Dog Screaming Press will be publishing my next book A COLLECTION OF DREAMSCAPES in 2020!

8 September 2019: My 2-line haiku "setting sun" has been selected as one of Haiku University's Weekly Best for the week of 19-25 August 2019!! Many grateful thanks to judge Soucramanien Marie!

setting sun
grandma lies on her bed

Judge's commentary:

"Beautiful and touching. A great love for her grandmother. We understand well the parallel that is made between L1 and L2 which makes this haiku very moving."

26 August 2019: Over the moon to see my poem "Volition" in The Fox Poetry Box!! I can't stop beaming! :D

21 August 2019: Elated that my haiku "summer rain" has been selected as one of the Haiku University's Weekly Best from June 24 to 30, 2019 by judge Soucramanien Marie!

summer rain
we open all the windows

Judge's commentary: "The summer rain is always welcome when it's a scorching heat. I really liked the image of this haiku. When we welcome someone, we open our house. Here we find this beautiful dose of freshness."

5 August 2019: My flash fiction "Adventure in the Worm Hole" won the Tales of the Moonlit Path "Bugs" Contest!

29 July 2019: Thrilled to receive a mention in the Haiku University's Weekly Best by judge Nadine Leon!

soft breeze
whispering a secret to the wind

30 May 2019: Awed and overjoyed to read the results and commentary of Haiku University's Weekly Best for Haiku Column!


autumn's end
another stillbirth

all my rooms empty

Judge Brendon Kent's commentary:

"I've put these 2 haiku of Christina's together as the implications of each haiku follow each other in interpretation...each as strong as the other.

The first sad image is set with autumn kigo, or more specifically at the end of autumn. Autumn ends and winter begins...both can be cold times but even more shocking is the deep sadness in having yet 'another' stillbirth. This harsh coldness will inevitably also reside within the author...

The second haiku takes us into preparing for winter and to what should be a happy occasion, perhaps the author has even prepared a room for the baby.

Alas the baby was a stillbirth so the proposed nursery is now just an empty shell of a room...

The author saying 'all my rooms empty' also implies the emptiness she feels inside after losing another child to stillbirth. She is at her wit's end just like autumn is at its end. The feeling of lost hope seeps through the veins of each haiku, the author feels that she hasn't any chance of achieving a successful birth. These are such a powerful couple of haiku written with deep emotion that will resonate within any reader...a haijin will tackle any subject no matter how painful. I applaud the author wholeheartedly."

29 May 2019: Elated to receive news of 3 nominations in the 2019 Dwarf Stars:

all my nightmares
saved in the dream catcher
I hang it over your bed

~Scifaikuest, November 2018

seemingly unharmed
from a wormhole
part of me wonders
am I still me

~Colorado Boulevard, 29 August 2018

The Gravity of Loss

It was sheer luck that you took flight 250 and I, flight 851. How grateful I am that we made up before we parted, as I now sob uncontrollably, watching your plane engines sputter and fail, free-falling.

the age-old battle
between force and gravity
the gravity of loss

~Winner, WonderFold, January 2018

28 May 2019: Grateful to Meghan Arcuri-Moran who wrote these lovely words about A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES:

"On the flight out to StokerCon, I had the pleasure of reading this amazing (and award winning) poetry collection by Christina Sng. Part horror, part sci-fi, the poetry deals with a number of themes, including family, nature, and a post-apocalyptic world.

I was taken with a number of the poems, but none more than "Twenty." After I finished reading it the first time, I dog-eared the page and wrote "wow."

It is so touching, so beautiful, I cried each time I read it.

(I know dog-earing and writing in books is abhorrent to some, but it's my way of reminding myself when I've read something worth revisiting.) Highly recommended!"

28 April 2019: My guest post "Hong Kong Swordfighting Sagas of my Childhood" appears in Ladies of Horror Fiction for National Poetry Month!

11 April 2019: Two wonderful reviews of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES!! Thank you so much to the very kind reviewers, Emily and Toni, for their lovely words.

"I really loved Sng's writing style. I had a really hard time putting this collection down. The art on the cover was beautiful. This collection made my heart happy and I can't wait to read more from Sng. If everything else is as wonderful as A Collection of Nightmares then I can't wait!!"

5 April 2019: My haiku "cut branches" was shortlisted for the 2019 R. H. Blyth Award and "the emptiness" received an honourable mention!

cut branches
the body remembers
all its past trauma

the emptiness
after my hysterectomy
pumpkin carving

Many grateful thanks to the judges, organizers, and to the World Haiku Review!

20 March 2019: Overjoyed to read Suzy Michael's wonderful review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES on Goodreads!

20 March 2019: Lovely to see my interview with David E. Cowen on the Horror Writers Association Poetry Blog: Nightmares and Haiku: An Interview with Bram Stoker Award Winning Poet Christina Sng

12 March 2019: My poem "The Last of Us" is in Space and Time #133.

1 March 2019: Elated to read Bruce Baugh's fantastic review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES:

"Christina Sng's book A Collection Of Nightmares is just marvelous...Sng does more in a few dozen lines than quite a few entire books I've read...If you're looking for some great contemporary horror distilled to its most potent essences, this is a book for you."

Full review:

I don't read enough poetry, and it's really my loss. In particular, there's a bunch of genuinely great horror poetry, like this volume that finishes out my Women In Horror Month. Christina Sng's book A Collection Of Nightmares is just marvelous. (Yet another great Gwendolyn Kiste recommendation. Thanks again!) If I were better informed about poetry, its rhythms and structures and all, I could more clearly describe specific ways it's marvelous, instead of just going "oh, wow" a whole lot. But I'll do what I can.

Some of these poems tell an explicit story. Others focus entirely on a quality of experience whose cause is just hinted at or altogether absence. I'm a dedicated fan of "what's it like to..." fiction, so this is all just mental catnip for me. There's a loose evolution in the ordering of poems, moving from mostly very personal experiences and their qualities to a series of apocalypses near the back. These latter have a recurring theme of people hiding underground and digging deeper to get away from something humans or others did to the world, only for it not to work and a delayed reckoning to arrive. Sng does more in a few dozen lines than quite a few entire books I've read on both ends of that scale from individual to general, and I'm looking forward to hunting up more of her work.

I was curious how a volume of eighty or so poems would feel in terms of effort and return compared to the novels and short story collections I've read this month. Very well on both fronts, it turns out: this was as much work to read and reflect upon as anything I've taken up for Women In Horror Month, and fully as rewarding. If you're looking for some great contemporary horror distilled to its most potent essences, this is a book for you, too.

28 February 2019: An interview with Stephen Kozeniewski for Women in Horror Month: Women in Horror Month #11: Christina Sng, Stoker Award-Winning Poet Behind A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES.

21 February 2019: An interview with Sara Tantlinger for Women in Horror Month: WiHM Interview with Christina Sng

18 February 2019: My poems "Forest Mother", "The Girl and Her Wolf Dog", and "Rapunzel" have been nominated for the 2019 Rhysling Award!

16 February 2019: Thrilled to be featured in Gwendolyn Kiste's Women in Horror roundtable alongside so many writers I admire.

"...just in case you haven't read her poetry collection yet, I highly recommend the amazing Christina Sng's A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES. It's beautiful, it's unsettling, it's absolutely perfect reading for February or any other month."--Gwendolyn Kiste, author of RUST MAIDENS and Bram Stoker Award nominee AND HER SMILE WILL UNTETHER THE UNIVERSE

12 February 2019: What a privilege it has been working with the Singapore American School's Advanced Topic Writing and Publication students over the past four days. They have such energy, creativity, and love for what they do. I am in awe of how generously and positively they give and receive feedback, and lift each other up as a team. It has been tremendously inspiring working with them and I cannot wait to see their published stories later this year.

1 February 2019: Thrilled to see A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES included among so many other fantastic books in Elgin Award-winning poet Christina Rau's To-Read Speculative Poetry List in her article on Speculative Poetry: Poems of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Other-Worldly Visions over at BookRiot.


2019 Releases

30 December 2019: My last fairy tale poem published in 2019! "Always a Beast" appears in Polu Texni.

15 December 2019: "Persephone" appears in New Myths.

26 December 2019: Lovely to see my scifaiku, horrorku, tanka, and joined poem in the November 2019 issue of Scifaikuest Online.


by sunlight
child vampire


the song I can't
get out of my head
stasis chamber


still can't decide
whether to go in or out
our cat hovers
by the entrance
of our escape pod


...time loop
the same mistakes
over and over
time loop...



monsters in masks
lurk the streets
on all hallows eve
searching for girls
not candy

we patrol the streets
to protect the weak
after the kids are asleep
with halloween masks
and real axes

25 December 2019: Glad to be a part of The Haiku Foundation's Haiku Dialogue with my poem "beach holiday".

beach holiday
curled up with a book

19 December 2019: Lovely to see my haiku "red poppies" in the Winter 2019 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

red poppies
my daughter weaves
a bead in each braid

19 December 2019: Happy to share a page with friends in this week's issue of Haiku Dialogue on New Year resolutions, curated by Lori A Minor and Katherine Munro for The Haiku Foundation.

the ability
to feel joy again
north wind

12 December 2019: Happy to see my poem "All That We Love" in the Fall 2019 issue of Star*Line!

12 December 2019: Glad to be a part of the conversation in The Haiku Foundation's weekly Haiku Dialogue, curated by Lori A Minor and Katherine Munro for The Haiku Foundation.

realizing over time
why I could no longer fly
butterfly with torn wings

9 December 2019: Elated that my poem "In the End, Only the Gods" is amongst such great company in the anthology TALES OF THE LOST, edited by Bram Stoker Award winner Eugene Johnson and Steve Dillon! I am truly honoured and thrilled to share a TOC with one of my favourite authors of all time, F Paul Wilson, and this incredible line-up of writers and artists, all of whom I admire so much.

A review on Amazon:

"A fantastic collection of stories, some better than others, but all a great read. An utterly haunting collection on the horrors of loss. Here are some of my favorites; The opening poem by Christina Sng draws you in. While Bury Me In Tar And Twine grabs you with a dark tale of grief gone bad. Stephen Graham Jones's Monsters, about innocences lost had me tearing up. I could really go on and on. The editors Steve Dillon and Eugene Johnson knocked this on out of the park! A must read!"

8 December 2019: I'm over the moon to be a part of MISCREATIONS: GODS, MONSTROSITIES & OTHER HORRORS with my two poems "The Vodyanoy" and "The Old Gods of Light"! Thank you so much, Doug and Michael, for including my work amongst such incredible company!

4 December 2019: Happy to be in another edition of Haiku Dialogue, this time on climate change, among friends.

morning glories
we cheer when another
butterfly returns

27 November 2019: Thrilled to see my poem "Into the Tall Grass" at the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

20 November 2019: Happy to see my haiku "deadheaded roses" in this week's Haiku Dialogue: Social Issues - Social -isms:

deadheaded roses
finally they take his threats

19 November 2019: The Horror Writers Showcase Volume 6, now out on Kindle! I am thrilled to be included in this incredible lineup with my poem "When There Are Monsters".

17 November 2019: It is a dream come true to see my paintings exhibited for the first time. "Love Moon" and "Love Myself" were displayed at the LOVE STORIES Art Exhibition 2019.

13 November 2019: My haiku "I learn" appears in this weeks Haiku Dialogue: Social Issues on Basic Human Rights, amongst friends. Thank you to guest host/editor Lori A Minor and Lori Zajkowski!

I learn
I can say no
somnolences end

3 November 2019: Elated to see my poem "The Wasteland" on the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

3 October 2019: Glad to be among friends in the latest issue of FemkuMag with 3 haiku:

I take myself
to my safe place
storm season

hazardous haze
my immune system
fails me again

liar's moon
telling my inner child
she is safe

2 October 2019: Happy to see my poem in this week's Haiku Dialogue on wine, curated by Katherine Munro for The Haiku Foundation.

wine o'clock
the children learn
it is time to hide

1 October 2019: My poem "One Dark Night" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project, curated by the wonderful Nina D'Arcangela and Erin Lydia Prime!

26 September 2019: The Poetry Nook Anthology features the winners and honourable mentions from their 2017-18 weekly contests, including my poems "Twenty Years", "The Perfect Planet", and "Mirror to the Other Side". On sale now!

26 September 2019: My haiku "even in death" appears in this week's Haiku Dialogue on the topic of "cemetery".

even in death
he stood alone
class prefect

25 September 2019: My three short poems appear in the latest issue of Bleached Butterfly.



Walking through
The dragon graveyard,
I wept rivers of tears
For the brave souls lost
Battling the humans.



My body no longer
Listens to my brain,
The tether they had
Slowly unraveling.

Death’s cold hand
Reaches out for me
And to my surprise,
I take it.



Does good
Truly conquer evil
Or is it there
To give us a reason
To fight?


19 September 2019: My haiku appears in this week's Haiku Dialogue amongst friends.

art therapy
I pour my anxieties
onto the canvas

19 September 2019: My 3 scifaiku and 1 horrorku appear in the August 2019 online edition of Scifaikuest:

meteor shower
how we were

just wanting
to see blue skies again
Arcturus orbit

alien sapling
quietly growing
in another pot

seeing stars
with my final breaths
hull breach

18 September 2019: Delighted to see my pastel nagomi painting "Sunset Cattails", digital ink art "Into the Woods", and small poems on childhood memories in Colorado Boulevard today!

Dad and I
on a double decker bus
on the way to ride bumper cars

my happiest childhood memory
I tell him, holding his hand
by his hospital bed as we wait


all the secrets
hopes and dreams
I shared with you
childhood lovey
still with me


always home by 5
not a word in sight
plonked onto the couch
pop and I watch football
peanuts in mouth


only when I was sick
could I sip 7-up
from an a&w straw
and curl up to sleep
beside dad and mom


mom always read me
a story before I slept

before the monsters
under the bed emerged
to rear their ugly heads

I kept safe
by carefully tucking myself
inside my blanket


shadows aren't
so scary after all

they remind you
you're alive and strong

especially when
you're still small

10 September 2019: Thrilled to receive my contributor's copy of the 2019 Dwarf Stars anthology with my 3 poems, "The Gravity of Loss", "all my nightmares", and "emerging".

2 September 2019: My haiku appears in Issue 1.8 of Human/Kind Journal!

dreaming I'm anywhere but here dissociation

singing again
after years of captivity

1 September 2019: 3 of my haiku appear in the 15th issue of FemkuMag!

lumbering tortoise
lugging home groceries
nine months pregnant

mountain mist
wearing the fog
of dissociation

some things
impossible to forgive
the murder of crows

31 August 2019: My haiku "sea breeze" appears in the Fall 2019 issue of Akitsu Quarterly!

sea breeze
a small crab scurries
into the water

31 August 2019: My dark poem "Storm Child" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

22 August 2019: My horror story "A Gathering of Crows" appears in Tales from the Moonlit Path!

WARNING: Don't read this while you're eating*

*although I know this will make some of you want to read it more. :D

20 August 2019: Thrilled to be a part of Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities & Other Horrors - A Horror Anthology co-edited by Bram Stoker Award-winning editors Doug Murano and Michael Bailey with my poems "The Vodyanoy" and "The Old Gods of Light" alongside Laird Barron, Victor LaValle, Josh Malerman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, Mercedes M. Yardley, Michael Wehunt, and Usman T. Malik. Coming in early 2020 from Written Backwards.

15 August 2019: It's always lovely to receive my contributor's copies of Mayfly!

longing to
press pause on my life
river rapids

2 August 2019: "Poisoned Apples", "a butterfly darts", and "Rapunzel gets" appear in Star*Line 42.3.

1 August 2019: Happy to see my 3 haiku in Femku #14!

my mood
in menopause
jet stream

cut off again
deadheading the roses

the gears of my mind

1 August 2019: Lovely to be among friends in this week's Haiku Dialogue, curated by Katherine Munro for The Haiku Foundation!

overhanging branches
I take my daughter
to trim her fringe

25 July 2019: My superdark AI "Upgrade" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project! It was so fun to write. Thank you, Nina and Erin!

23 July 2019: "The Monsters Within", "Reparation" and "Styx" appears in Spectral Realms No. 11.

17 July 2019: Glad to see my haiku in this week's Haiku Dialogue, curated by Katherine Munro for the Haiku Foundation!

wild raspberries
the sweet taste of freedom
on our first camping trip

15 July 2019: "The Infection" appears in this Infection-themed issue of Eye to the Telescope! :D Thank you so much, Sara, for giving my poem a home.

1 July 2019: Proud to be a part of this special issue of Femku which is dedicated to every woman who has suffered any form of abuse, to those who lend their support during the long and difficult healing process from trauma, and to every woman fighting for her right to be human. May we stand tall for those who can't always get up. Grateful thanks to editor Lori Minor and my fellow poets for this incredibly powerful and important issue.

I remind myself
my body is my own
desert rose

the first time
he hit me

when I love you
means I own you
black roses

frost warning
the burn of his palm
on her face

24 June 2019: My poem "The Sacrifice" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

19 June 2019: Thrilled to be a part of the inaugural issue of Bleached Butterfly featuring horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy works with 2 dark ku and 3 fairy tale tanka.

watching me
watching you
the spy game

all the monsters
in the world

seeing his true face
seeing his true nature
after years of marriage
beauty sees the beast
for who he truly is

to understand
why her mother
wears a buzz cut
Rapunzel's daughter

learning far
too young
that monsters
are all around us
little red riding hood

18 June 2019: My flash fiction "The Girl in the Mirror" appears in New Myths Issue 47!

1 June 2019: Happy to have 3 haiku in the anniversary issue of FemkuMag!

the suicide
of leaves

rabbit hole
the hollow feeling
in my heart

long-time love
the lingering aroma
of lavender

31 May 2019: Thrilled to see my haiku in issue 1.6 of Human/Kind Journal!

beyond my limits
willow branch

30 May 2019: My poem "Found Footage" is live at The Ladies of Horror Flash Project.


There goes our last wrench

Tumbling away into space,
And now our engineer with it.

That was how our space ark failed
And how humans became extinct.

22 May 2019: Elated to see my poem "The Dolls" in Apex Magazine's stunning anthology of victory in defiance Do Not Go Quietly! Thank you so much, Jason and Lesley, for including my work among such stellar company.

5 May 2019: Star*Line 42.2 is on sale now! Super happy to see my space opera poem "Museum of Lost Souls" and my illustration "Battle" in this awesome issue. Thank you so much, Vince and SFPA for giving my work a home!

1 May 2019: My SF poem "The Last of Us" appears in Space and Time #133.

2 April 2019: In Haikuniverse today:

but a name
we give them

26 March 2019: My microfiction "The Art of the Feed" is live at the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

22 March 2019: I'm in Creatrix 44 with 2 haiku:

mowed lawn
my son's new
buzz cut

a giggle
in the darkness
baby dreams

6 March 2019: My contributor's copy of The Cicada's Cry arrived:

never certain
how you will react
sea ice

2 March 2019: My poem "Sunset on Kepler-22b" appears in the latest issue of The Future Fire.

24 February 2019: 2 poems in the Winter 2018 issue of the Wales Haiku Journal.

all the dreams
I shared with you
childhood swing

the half-life
of painkillers
autumn branches

20 February 2019: My poem "Winter's Gift" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

11 February 2019: Received my contributor's copy of Passages which collects the best of New Myths in a first volume. It includes my 2016 Rhysling-nominated poem "Twenty Years".

7 February 2019: Part of the fantastic lineup in Sins and Other Worlds with my story "The Assassin Program".

5 February 2019: Over the moon to see my story "The Goblin" in Daily Science Fiction today! This is my first appearance in this fantastic venue.

3 February 2019: In the World Haiku Review's 10 Year Anniversary edition Fuga No Makoto alongside so many esteemed friends and colleagues with my 2 neo-classical haiku "cold summer" and "summer comfort" in the sections "Summer on Toast" and "Cat on my Lap" respectively.

cool summer
getting along in a pot
moss and weeds

summer comfort
the arthritic cat
basks in the sunlight

31 January 2019: My art "Worlds Collide" and "Lies the Tree Told", poem "Life on Uranus", tanka "Lost Twin" and "After Hypnotherapy", scifaiku "Pets", "The Feeling", "Burying the Alien" and "Immortality", and fantasy ku "Even as Queen" appear in Star*Line 42.1.

30 January 2019: My horror flash "How It Began" is live now at the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

30 January 2019: This month's Haiku Dialogues:

at the picnic table
an ant family

roof snow
the precariousness
of our situation

spring bloom
my daughter dresses
for her prom

skipping stones
how I imagined
life would be

24 January 2019: In the January 2019 issue of Stardust Haiku:

snowy fox
a flash of light
in the darkness

4 January 2019: In today's issue of the Asahi Shimbun:

cold moon
wrapping grandma
in blankets


2019 Sales

21 December 2019: "All That I Have Lost" was sold to Spectral Realms #13.

7 December 2019: "Escape" will appear in NOON #16: journal of the short poem in 2020.

14 November 2019: "In the End, Only the Gods" was sold to the LOST anthology.

24 October 2019: "the only time" was sold to The Cicada's Cry Halloween Issue.

8 October 2019: "Persephone" was sold to New Myths for their December 2019 issue.

4 October 2019: "sakura leaves" was accepted for the Spring 2020 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

4 October 2019: "All that We Love" was sold to Star*Line.

5 September 2019: "The God of the Winds" was sold to Spectral Realms #12.

2 September 2019: "Always a Beast" was sold to Polu Texni.

30 August 2019: "full moon" was accepted for the October issue of cattails.

25 August 2019: "The Strange Sensation", "Instantly Regretting", "Bringing", "Longing", "I Run Reels of my Children" were sold to Scifaikuest.

2 August 2019: "Home" was sold to Sanitarium Issue 3.

29 July 2019: "The Girl in the Painting" was sold to Space and Time.

26 July 2019: "red poppies" will appear in the winter issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

24 July 2019: "a seagull lands" was sold to the Special Edition: Ocean issue of The Cicada's Cry.

14 July 2019: "longing to" was sold to Mayfly Issue 67.

28 June 2019: "Poisoned Apples", "a butterfly darts", and "Rapunzel gets" were sold to Star*Line.

8 July 2019: My 3 haiku "my mood", "cut off again", and "petrichor" will appear in Femku this month.

5 July 2019: Excited to have my poem "Volition" soon in a Fox Poetry Box!! :D

29 June 2019: "The Infection" was sold to ETTT.

27 June 2019: Tanka "Layer after Layer" was sold to the May 2020 Print edition of Scifaikuest.

20 June 2019: "The Old Gods of Light" and "The Vodyanoy" was sold to Miscreations: Gods, Monstrosities and Other Horrors.

19 June 2019: My haiku "the arrival" will appear in Wales Haiku Journal.

16 June 2019: Pastel painting "Light in the Darkness" was sold as the COVER artwork for Random Planets and "Worlds Beyond Our Imagination" will be the cover for the August 2019 print issue of Scifaikuest.

12 June 2019: Poem "When There Are Monsters" was sold to the HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VI.

3 June 2019: "Keepsakes I Treasure", "Our Ships", and "A New Earth" were sold to the May 2020 issue of Scifaikuest.

22 May 2019: "stretched" was accepted for Human/Kind Issue 1.6.

15 May 2019: Sold "Always Rose-Tinted", "When We All", "Everything", "The Stories I'm Sure", and "How I Long" to Random Planets.

11 May 2019: "windstorm", "rabbit hole", and "long-time love" were accepted for the May issue of Femku.

10 May 2019: "watching me", "earthbound", "seeing his true face", "unable", and "learning far" were accepted for the inaugural issue of Bleached Butterfly.

3 May 2019: "sea breeze" was accepted for the Fall 2019 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

1 May 2019: "Unrelentlessly", "Mars Life", "Racing to the Moon", "The Graying Skies", "A Hundred", and "During the Long Years" were sold to Random Planets.

5 April 2019: "happiness" was accepted for the upcoming issue of Frogpond.

2 March 2019: My flash "The Girl in the Mirror" was sold to New Myths.

23 February 2019: My poem "Museum of Lost Souls" and ink illustration "Battle" sold to Star*Line.

19 February 2019: My poem "The Dolls" was sold to Apex anthology Do Not Go Quietly.

14 February 2019: "The Monsters Within" and "Reparation" were sold to Spectral Realms #11.

8 February 2019: "all the dreams" and "the half-life" were accepted for the Winter issue of Wales Haiku Journal.

11 January 2019: My Japanese brush painting "Journey" and haiku "all the dogs" will appear in the Summer 2019 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

2 January 2019: Horrorku "Snowy Plains" and tanka "Whispered Words" and "Every Lover" were sold to Scifaikuest. They will appear in the February 2020 issue.


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