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2017 Features

30 December 2017: A Collection of Nightmares has been listed as one of The Best Books of 2017!! My deepest thanks and gratitude to Gabino Iglesias and LitReactor!

"I know horror poetry is not something you expected to find here, but this is amazing. It's horror poetry...and science fiction poetry and funny poetry and weird poetry and alien invasion poetry and body horror madness poetry and everything in between. More than that, it is also short stories in poetry form. Very satisfying short stories. It deserves a spot on a lot of lists."

16 December 2017: Proud to have earned the Award for Foreign Participant in The Bulgarian Haiku Union's 5th National December Haiku Competition and the Harmony between Heaven and Earth. My deepest thanks to Dr. Sofia Filipova, Zornitsa Harizanova, and Dilyana Georgieva for this great honour!

from a stranger
new year's day

2 December 2017: Gwendolyn Kiste interviews me at Poetic Nightmares: Interview with Christina Sng.

26 November 2017: My haiku "Age Old Battle" is one of the four winners in the All-Out Monster Revolt's Dai Kaiju Haiku Contest!

age old battle
in the skies of Jupiter
cloud leviathans

20 November 2017: "The Missing Sock" has earned me my first fiction prize in The Great Eighty Flash Fiction Competition!

5 November 2017: My haiga, "not alone" has earned an Honourable Mention in The Second Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest! This is the first time my paintings have received a commendation.

"This lovely expressive watercolour immediately catches the eye with bold colours and a strong link to the senryu. Which becomes a very powerful statement, encapsulating something we may have considered in our lives. Our deep connection to all the universe shines forth in this haiga." ~Ron C. Moss, judge, traditional haiga category

Deeply grateful thanks to judge Ron C. Moss, for this honour, and to publishers, Michael Rehling and Steve Hodge for sponsoring this contest and publishing my work in their wonderful journals, Failed Haiku and Prune Juice.

25 September 2017: Gabino Iglesias reviews A Collection of Nightmares at HorrorTalk:

"A Collection of Nightmares is poignant and disturbing, beautifully written and wildly ranging in subject matter and execution, horrific and wonderfully atmospheric. If a large chunk of contemporary poetry pushes me back into the comforting arms of novels, this collection violently pushed me to seek out more of Sng's work, and that's one hell of an achievement."

24 September 2017: My haiku "first day home" received an Honourable Mention at the 2017 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival International Haiku Invitational.

first day home
from the hospice
cherry blossoms

24 September 2017: All the Ends of the World -- my podcast interview at The Outer Dark!

15 September 2017: A Collection of Nightmares receives a 5 star review by John Reinhart.

8 September 2017: Linda Addison gives A Collection of Nightmares 5 stars on Amazon.

28 August 2017: Deeply honoured to receive the following awards from the World Haiku Review! My most grateful thanks to Susumu Takiguchi, Kala Ramesh, and Rohini Gupta.

cool summer
getting along in a pot
moss and weeds

~Honourable Mention, Neo-classical Haiku

water fountain
dreams glinting
in the sun

~Haiku of Merit, Neo-classical Haiku

lingering summer
finally the shy boy
speaks up

~Haiku of Merit, Shintai Haiku

on my finger
ley lines

~Haiku of Merit, Vanguard Haiku

14 July 2017: "A Collection of Nightmares" launches today! Grab a copy from Amazon.

16 June 2017: My space poem "Miranda" won Second Place in the 2017 Astronomers Without Borders Global Astronomy Month AstroPoetry Contest!

14 June 2017: A commentary of my haiku "winter nights" by Nicholas Klacsanzky at Haiku Commentary.

30 May 2017: Over the moon to discover that I have 4 poems nominated for the 2017 Dwarf Stars Award, "Red Apples", "Mercury", "Pandemonium", and "Root Cellar".

26 May 2017: My haiku "dancing beneath" is Runner Up in the Third International Haiku Contest "Cherry Blossom" organised by the Bulgarian Haiku Union.

dancing beneath
falling cherry blossoms
an old married couple

23 May 2017: My haiku "spring weeds" earned an Honourable Mention in the 2017 Betty Drevniok Awards.

spring weeds
in my organs

20 May 2017: My haiku "sand dunes" received a Merit Award in the First Montenegrin Haiku Contest.

sand dunes
the folds in her
baby skin

27 April 2017: My haiku "daybreak" is 5th place in the Caribbean Kigo Kukai on Poem in my Pocket:

the welcome sight
of our lost cat

23 April 2017: My haiku "oyster pearls" earned an Honourable Mention in the Wild Plum Haiku Contest 2017!

oyster pearls
finding myself again
after motherhood

19 April 2017: Delighted to be featured in the 2017 Rhysling Poets Showcase #9.

29 March 2017: My haiku "spring retreat" was awarded 2nd Place in the 2017 Anniversary Caribbean Kigo Kukai.

spring retreat
I disappear into
my bonsai forest

28 March 2017: Wonderful review of Catku by Nicholas Klacsanzky of Haiku Commentary.

19 March 2017: Proud to be a part of the International Women's Haiku Festival on Jennifer Hambrick's Inner Voices with my senryu, pasta machine and crystal clear lake. It is a splendid series to read, with insightful and thought-provoking commentary on each poem.

14 March 2017: My poem "Tenderly" is a Finalist in the 2017 Kindness Contest.

12 March 2017: My space collection Astropoetry has launched!

25 January 2017: Delighted to receive 3 Haiku of Merit in the Winter 2017 World Haiku Review:

winter waves
after these long years
still swept away by you

tiniest pearl
in the oyster shell
faraway star

knotted branches
my mixed feelings
about you

22 January 2017: The Leviathans of Europa was nominated for a Rhysling Award in the long poem category.

21 January 2017: My chapbook, An Assortment of Sky Things, was nominated for an Elgin Award! This is my first nomination.

20 January 2017: A deeply insightful analysis at Haiku Commentary of my poem, "the meows", which first appeared in last December's Failed Haiku.

3 January 2017: My tiny haiku collections, "The Birth of New Things" and "The Serenity of Dreams" will be published by Poems-For-All later this year!


2017 Releases

15 December 2017: My dark poem "The Forest of Discarded Baby Girls" is live now at New Myths.

15 December 2017: Haiku "slack tide" appears at Gnarled Oak.

12 December 2017: My ink illustration "Young Witch to Saturn" makes its way to the Fall issue of Star*Line along with poems "Little Red in Haiku" and "Journey into Neptune"!

5 December 2017: My haiku is featured for the first time at Haiku Masters.

telling you
the heartbreaking news
wintry lake

5 December 2017: Poem "Une Nouvelle Vie" is reprinted in The Jewish Mexican Literary Review.

1 December 2017: Scifaiku "final cut" and "dust carpet" appear in Scifaikuest #58.

1 December 2017: Haiku "dark matter" appears in otata #24.

dark matter
the difficulty
of reconciliation

1 December 2017: Haiku "grocery bags" appears in brass bell.

grocery bags
the heaviness
of my heart

9 November 2017: Microfiction "The Future Conquerers" appears in Drabble Harvest Special Edition #1: Alien Bedtime Stories.

8 November 2017: My tanka "perfect storm" appears in Skylark: Tanka Journal, Volume 10.

5 November 2017: 4 senryu appear in Prune Juice Issue 23:

in two parts
before and after

bottled dreams
washed ashore

day moon
everything seems

water hyacinth
still treading water
every day

2 November 2017: "forgotten loves" and "summer camp" appear in brass bell:

forgotten loves
in mama's journal
pressed roses

summer camp
missing my children
on day one

31 October 2017: My haiku sequence "Little Red in Haiku", science fiction poem "Journey into Neptune", and black and white ink illustration "Young Witch to Saturn" appear in Star*Line 40.4.

2 October 2017: 3 haiku appear in the October issue of brass bell:

feeling like
an alien incubator
long pregnancy

my fingers learn
on their own

our bodies
never quite forgetting
the art of bicycling

1 October 2017: 5 haiku appear in otata 22:

forty below
the cold hand
on my bones

night stars
beyond the clouds
the rest of everything

swing swaying
on a bare bone branch

cold streets
a curled up man

echoing halls
the layered darkness
of every day people

24 September 2017: Haiku "living" appears in incense dreams.

15 September 2017: My SF poem "Starlight" appears in Space and Time 129!

10 September 2017: My tanka "Mars Beckons" appears in Grievous Angel.

5 September 2017: My fairy tale poem "Little Red" appears in Polu Texni.

1 September 2017: 2 haiku in brass bell:

torrential rain
washing away

long journey
across the bridge

26 August 2017: My haiga "Racing for Shelter", scifaiku "Keeping You" and "Her Stunning Silhouette", and horrorku "Wrong Turn" appear in the 14th Anniversary print issue of Scifaikuest.

24 August 2017: Haiku "slippery road" appears in Wild Plum 3:2.

slippery road
veering between
love and hate

23 August 2017: Haiga "Blown Away" appears in Grievous Angel.

19 August 2017: Scifaiku "Red Sun" and tanka "Sky Full of Stars" appear in Scifaikuest Online.

red sun
my new constant
on Proxima b

sky full of stars
how I wish
I could live
long enough
to visit them all

18 August 2017: "yet another" appears in Asahi Haikuist.

6 August 2017: My one-line haiku "multiverse theory" appears in Sonic Boom #9.

multiverse theory this feeling of deja vu

1 August 2017: "up late" appears in American Tanka.

up late
eating grandma's
cherry pie
craving a slice
of silence

1 August 2017: "the things" and "flowering thistles" appear in otata #20.

the things
that tear at me
thorny bramble

flowering thistles
caring for one generation
after another

24 July 2017: "born in a barn" appears in Stardust Haiku.

21 July 2017: "the stories" appears in Haikuniverse:

the stories
my pen writes
all fiction

20 July 2017: 2 haiku appear in the Selected Haiku Submissions Collection of the 9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest:

in the wind
pollen season

a time
without wrinkles
day moon

14 July 2017: My senryu "clear as day" appears in Cha No Keburi:

clear as day
through a pane of glass
I see you see me

4 July 2017: "Aenid's Dream" and "Pull" appear in Spectral Realms #7.

4 July 2017: "winter fog", "moonlit river", "spring sun", and "on the carousel" appear in Akitsu Quarterly.

1 July 2017: "flames reflected", "sateen sheets", and "cloud trail" appear in Prune Juice.

1 July 2017: "hovering" and "August rain" appear in otata.

1 June 2017: My flash fiction "Fenrir" appears in New Myths #39.

1 June 2017: "spring dream" appears in brass bell.

spring daydream
my son's stuffed tiger
stares at the sun

27 May 2017: "distant starlight" and "onyx sky" appear in hedgerow #113.

distant starlight
fallen into the darkness
my forgotten dreams

onyx sky
moss stretches
over a stone

23 May 2017: My tanka "usual questions" appears in Gnarled Oak.

6 May 2017: "Puffy Clouds" appears in the May/June 2017 issue of Cricket.

6 May 2017: "the part of me" appears in hedgerow #110.

the part of me
still unbroken
sense of humour

1 May 2017: "sleeping baby" appears in Ama no gawa.

sleeping baby
her starlit dreams
still magical

1 May 2017: My horrorku "first date" appears in Dreams and Nightmares #106.

1 May 2017: "morning chill", "volcanic country", and "small closet" appear in otata 17.

morning chill
finding them gone
breakfast untouched

volcanic country
again I ask myself
why and why

small closet
the comfort of sitting
in the dark

1 May 2017: "blushing bride" appears in the Colorful Haiku issue of brass bell.

blushing bride
my red lipstick print
on her cheek

21 April 2017: 3 haiku appear in today's Asahi Haikuist Network.

Craving to be
immersed in greenery
urban girl

Singaporean writer Christina Sng is nurturing her skill at growing plants. Admitting that at first she "actually killed cactus," she adds, "I am making up for the plants I inadvertently let die." Her cat rolls in a refreshed environment.

Green thumb
bringing back to life
these wilted plants

Patch of grey
in the grass
my tabby cat

20 April 2017: "ballet recital" appears in tinywords 17.1.

ballet recital
the parents
tiptoe in

20 April 2017: "ballet recital" appears in tinywords 17.1.

19 April 2017: "maternity leave" appears in Haiku in the Workplace.

maternity leave
sharp learning curve
on a new job

17 April 2017: Happy to be a part of the EarthRise Rolling Collaborative Haiku 2017 on Reconciliation!

winter years
we agree to disagree
elderly cat

17 April 2017: 2 science fiction and fantasy tanka, "Seconds Before" and "Yellow Bricks" in the latest Grievous Angel.

14 April 2017: "winter nights" and "frozen pond" have been translated to German and appear in Chrysanthemum 21.

13 April 2017: "breakfast team meeting" appears in Haiku in the Workplace.

11 April 2017: My horrorku "Full Moon" appears in Scifaikuest Online.

9 April 2017: "Invading Jupiter" and "Annalise Wanders The Forest" appears in Outposts of Beyond.

9 April 2017: My haiku "in the end" appears in cattails.

in the end
only you and I remain
winter moon

8 April 2017: Overjoyed to receive my contributor's copy of Spectral Realms #6 in the mail today, with my poems, "Moonlight in the Playground", "When the Earth Was Young", "The Door", and "The War of Dragons". And for my friends who are Game of Thrones fans, here is "The Door":


Darkening winter
a crow entangled
in branches

Race for
the fastest ships
drowning man

Crossed line
an impossibility

Red fire
even a spider
has something to fear

Street performance
a girl cannot escape

Incurable disease
even the queen
has no power over it

Summer's end
an old friend
holds the door

7 April 2017: "Painting" appears in today's Asahi Haikuist in the Asahi Shimbun.

6 April 2017: My scifaiku, "found in Sarpedon", "the wine", "hoping", "turning my skin", "tornado warning", "the simplest", "pet wolf", "blue moon", "full moon", and "Schrodinger's cat" appear in Star*Line 40.2.

6 April 2017: My senryu "just one rose petal" has been translated to Russian in Ershik #16!

just one rose petal
wedged in her hair
grandma's funeral

5 April 2017: My tanka "I point out" and haiku "gathering dusk" in Presence #57!

I point out
a tiny periwinkle
to my little girl
she points to
an even tinier one

5 April 2017: "I meant" appears in the Auto-Correct issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

4 April 2017: Deeply honoured that my poem "bloody spindle" has been included in Deborah P Kolodji's article "The Dark Side of the Moon: The Art of Writing Scifaiku" along with the reprint of my poem "a world" in the scifaiku issue of Prune Juice.

bloody spindle
putting another princess
under again

--Star*Line 40.1, 2017

a world
of possibilities
my cat in a box

--Star*Line 39.4, 2016

1 April 2017: "nightingale" earns 16 points in the Spring 2017 edition of the European Quarterly Kukai #17 on the topic "birds".

my baby's nose

1 April 2017: "ocean currents" appears in the Sharpening the Green Pencil Book of the Contest 2017.

1 April 2017: "old owl", "driftwood", "moonless night", and "a little girl waving" appear in otata 16.

1 April 2017: "half time", "tall grasses", "anaesthesia", and "undignified sneeze" appear in Failed Haiku 16.

1 April 2017: "rose petals" and "mulberries" appear in brass bell's edible haiku issue.

29 March 2017: who I am appears in The Vocation issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

who I am
after motherhood

25 March 2017: the bluebird sings appears in Chanokeburi.

22 March 2017: urban legend appears in the The Boss's Spouse issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

urban legend
the never-seen
boss's spouse

20 March 2017: Spring Equinox appears in Astronomers Without Borders.

20 March 2017: even perfection appears in Stardust Haiku Issue 3.

16 March 2017: Scifaiku azure sun, February heat, and ruby sky, and tanka dew drops appear in Scifaikuest 53.

16 March 2017: dementia, dried leaf twirling, and dead end appear in the Spring issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

15 March 2017: office astrologer appears in the March equinox issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

11 March 2017: never far, windchill, and evening star appear in hedgerow #109.

8 March 2017: after gesticulating for a day appears in the Lost in Translation issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

7 March 2017: empty nest, winter storm, and moth orchids appear in wild voices: an anthology of small poems & art by women.

6 March 2017: 3 scifaiku, Three Suns, Twin Headlights, and Sprinkled Beneath appear in Grievous Angel's Wall-to-Wall Scifaiku Fest.

1 March 2017: My children's haiku Goose Egg appears in the March 2017 issue of Cricket.

1 March 2017: teaching her appears in the Interns and Trainees issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

1 March 2017: snow moon, morning fog, vanishing, bevelling, malaise, icy breeze, and constantly returning in otata 15.

1 March 2017: unwatched growth, wine country, ice skating, and one part of me appears in Failed Haiku 15.

1 March 2017: distant stars and crinkling leaves appear in brass bell.

28 February 2017: My flash fiction A Little Red appears in Grievous Angel today!

20 February 2017: observing appears in the Mentor issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

19 February 2017: which you, black moon, bloody spindle, all that talk, and Halloween night in Star*Line 40.1.

bloody spindle
putting another princess
under again

19 February 2017: interrogation room appears in Mayfly 62.

18 February 2017: witching hour appears in hedgerow #106.

15 February 2017: endless appears in Haikuniverse.

the brief lives
of stardust

15 February 2017: singing along appears in the Answering Machine issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

14 February 2017: Valentine's Day appears in Haikuniverse.

8 February 2017: best vacation appears in the Work Travel issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

3 February 2017: Pink dress appears in the Asahi Haikuist.

1 February 2017: in complete darkness, easterly, daffodils appear in otata 14.

1 February 2017: watching over us appears in brass bell.

1 February 2017: blister domes appears in Haiku in the Workplace: Workplace Accidents.

1 February 2017: morning selfie, supermoon, and weeping willow appear in Failed Haiku 14.

30 January 2017: morning sun, the owls quiet, fourth coffee, her voice, and old pond appear in otata 13.

25 January 2017: dreaming appears in Haiku in the Workplace: Commuting.

I missed my bus stop
I missed my bus stop

20 January 2017: blue moon and deep woods appear in hedgerow #102.

20 January 2017: The old tavern appears in the latest issue of the Asahi Haikuist.

18 January 2017: long-awaited retirement appears in Haiku in the Workplace: Retirement.

long-awaited retirement
my daughter phones me to ask
if I can babysit

18 January 2017: supernova appears in Stardust Haiku Issue 1.

in the chalkboard sky
stardust to stardust

11 January 2017: after hours appears in the Balancing Work with Life issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

5 January 2017: post-holiday week appears in The Post-Holiday Season issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

4 January 2017: Death's Other Superpowers appears in Weird Fiction Review #7, on sale now!

1 January 2017: last chocolate and first sight appear in brass bell: happiness.

1 January 2017: reverie, counting sheep, and first date appear in Failed Haiku 13.


2017 Sales

28 December 2017: Sold scifaiku "A Paper Plane", "Poor Butterfly", and "Another Long Road" to the February print and online issues of Scifaikuest.

26 December 2017: My dark poem "Ouroboros" was sold to Outposts of Beyond. It will appear in the April 2018 issue.

19 December 2017: Haiku "bone tired" and watercolour "Blue World" were accepted for the Spring and Summer 2018 issues of Akitsu Quarterly, respectively.

15 December 2017: My fairy tale poem "Rapunzel" was sold to issue 109 of Dreams and Nightmares.

14 December 2017: Two children's poems were sold to Spaceports & Spidersilk: "The New Kitten" will appear in the January 2018 issue and "Sunshine" in the April or July 2018 issue.

12 December 2017: My flash fiction "The Assassin Program" will be reprinted in the July 2018 issue of Outposts of Beyond.

7 December 2017: My dark poem "Reflections" will be appear in the November 2018 issue of Bloodbond.

1 December 2017: Sold my first children's story "Sir Jack and the Bad Elf" to Frostfire Worlds! It will appear in the August 2018 issue.

15 November 2017: My haiku "autumn leaves" was sold to The Cicada's Cry 2017 Autumn Edition.

13 November 2017: My haiga "not alone" will be published in Natural Awakenings Magazine this December.

3 November 2017: Haiku "slack tide" and oil painting "The Last Day" were accepted for the 14th issue of Gnarled Oak.

22 October 2017: "Demon" was sold to the June 2018 issue of Disturbed Digest and "Reflections" to Bloodbond.

16 October 2017: Weird poems "When We Fall", "Memoirs in the Dark", and "Cornflower Valley" were sold to Spectral Realms #8 and #9.

12 October 2017: Poem "Journey into Neptune" and black and white line art "Young Witch to Saturn" were sold to Star*Line.

11 October 2017: Tanka "at his funeral" was accepted to Moonbathing.

7 October 2017: My dark poem "Forest of Discarded Baby Girls" was sold to New Myths.

4 October 2017: Haiku "pulling myself" was accepted for the Winter 2017 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

4 October 2017: Senryu "broken", "driftwood", "day moon", and "water hyacinth" were accepted for Prune Juice.

26 September 2017: My tanka "perfect storm" has been accepted for Skylark 5:2, Winter 2017.

14 September 2017: Sold drabble "The Future Conquerers" to Alban Lake Publishing's First Special Drabble Contest, Alien Bedtime Stories!

7 September 2017: Sold scifaiku "Gritting my Teeth", "All my Nightmares", "Missing", "Seeing Red" and tanka "Craving to see Blue Skies" to Scifaikuest.

1 September 2017: Sold watercolour painting, "Perched", scifaiku, "Clearing", "All that Remains", "Exhaling Fire", "Insomnia", and senryu, "Trying to be Nice" and "All the Craters" to the Scifaikuest November 2018 Print and Online issues.

22 August 2017: Haiku "death notice" was accepted for the summer issue of hedgerow #120.

16 August 2017: Haiga "Wondering" was sold to the August 2018 issue of Scifaikuest.

14 August 2017: Haiku "stardust", "dreaming", "giving up everything", "living", and "baby dreams" were accepted for Cha No Keburi.

7 August 2017: Sold 3 illustrations to Alban Lake Publishing: "Hanging Tree", "Arrows", and "A Tree in Hand".

31 July 2017: "Little Red in Haiku" was sold to Star*Line.

22 July 2017: "Born of Blood and Tears" was sold to Mythic Delirium.

8 July 2017: "Summer garden" and "Yet another" will appear in the July and August issues of The Asahi Haikuist.

7 July 2017: "The Girl and Her Wolf Dog" was sold to Spectral Realms #8.

6 July 2017: My scifaiku "strange contagions", "clinically dead", and "Pan" are slated for the print and online issues of Scifaikuest in August 2018.

6 July 2017: My line art "Fly to the Moon" will appear in the print issue of Scifaikuest in November 2018.

23 June 2017: "intermittent rain", "midsummer's night", and "stillbirth" were accepted for the Fall 2017 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

22 June 2017: "slippery road" was accepted for the Fall & Winter issue of Wild Plum.

22 June 2017: My tanka "Garlic and Crosses" was sold to Scifaikuest.

17 June 2017: "autumn leaves" was sold to the Autumn 2017 edition of The Cicada's Cry.

13 June 2017: My haiga "Blown Away" was sold to Grievous Angel.

13 June 2017: "flames reflected", "sateen sheets", and "cloud trail" were sold to Prune Juice.

6 June 2017: "Midnight" was sold to Star*Line.

2 June 2017: "Day Moon", "Exhaling Deeply", and "One Flap" were sold to Star*Line.

1 June 2017: My first art piece sold in some 15 years! "The Hand" will appear in the print issue of Scifaikuest in August 2018.

10 May 2017: "Arrival Day" was sold to Star*Line.

3 May 2017: "distant starlight" and "onyx sky" were accepted for hedgerow #113.

30 April 2017: "Mars Beckons" was sold to Grievous Angel.

29 April 2017: "sleeping baby" was accepted for Ama no gawa.

27 April 2017: 3 haiku "winter fog", "moonlit river", and "spring sun" were accepted for Akitsu Quarterly's summer issue.

26 April 2017: My flash fiction "Fenrir" was sold to New Myths for their June issue!

25 April 2017: "a day", "strawberries", and "toddling" were accepted for the Mother's Day feature in Chanokeburi.

24 April 2017: "Pet Cemetery" and "Spellbook Spent" were sold to Star*Line.

15 April 2017: "usual questions" was accepted for the 12th issue of Gnarled Oak.

30 March 2017: "Thin Winter Air" and "Titan Landing" were sold to Scifaikuest.

20 March 2017: "frozen pond" and "winter nights" will appear in Chrysanthemum 21 in English and translated into German.

20 March 2017: "Full Moon" was sold to Star*Line.

14 March 2017: "ballet recital" was accepted for tinywords 17.1.

13 March 2017: "a world" will be reprinted in the March issue of Prune Juice.

12 March 2017: "office astrologer" was accepted for the March Equinox issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

9 March 2017: "Planet Nine" was accepted for the British Science Fiction Association's Focus Magazine.

8 March 2017: "Aenid's Dream" and "Pull" were sold to Spectral Realms #7.

28 February 2017: "the gravity" was accepted for the Eighth issue of Sonic Boom.

26 February 2017: "teaching her" was accepted for the Interns and Trainees issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

26 February 2017: "in the end" was accepted for cattails.

24 February 2017: "windchill" and "evening star" were accepted for hedgerow #109 and "the part of me" for hedgerow #110.

23 February 2017: "on the carousel" was sold to Akitsu Quarterly.

23 February 2017: "Between" and "Rumble" were sold to Scifaikuest.

20 February 2017: "tornado warning" was sold to Star*Line.

16 February 2017: "never far" was accepted for hedgerow #109.

14 February 2017: "trapped" was accepted for the summer 2017 issue of Skylark.

12 February 2017: "The Last of Us" was sold to Space and Time.

9 February 2017: "witching hour" was accepted for hedgerow #106.

5 February 2017: "best vacation" was accepted for the Work Travel issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

30 January 2017: "Turning My Skin", "The Simplest", and "The Wine" were sold to Star*Line.

30 January 2017: My flash fiction "A Little Red" was sold to Grievous Angel.

29 January 2017: "morning selfie", "supermoon", and "weeping willlow" were accepted for Failed Haiku.

28 January 2017: "Little Red" was sold to Polu Texni.

28 January 2017: "blister domes" was accepted for the Workplace Accidents issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

19 January 2017: "dreaming" was accepted for the Commuting issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

18 January 2017: "Schrodinger's Cat", "Blue Moon", "Pet Wolf", "Found in Sarpedon", and "Hoping" were sold to Star*Line.

15 January 2017: "interrogation room" was sold to Mayfly.

13 January 2017: "long-awaited retirement" was accepted for the Retirement issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

11 January 2017: "blue moon" and "deep woods" were accepted for hedgerow #102.

9 January 2017: "up late" was accepted for American Tanka's upcoming issue.

6 January 2017: "after hours" has been accepted for the Balancing Work with Life issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

2 January 2017: "I point out" and "gathering dusk" were accepted for Presence 57.


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