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Archived Features 2016

31 December 2016: Twenty Years and The Perfect Planet earned Honourable Mentions in the 109th and 111th Weekly Contests at Poetry Nook.

16 December 2016: The 2016 San Francisco International Competition for Haiku, Senryu and Tanka results are in. Absolutely blown away to find out that my tanka, "late sunset" won Second Prize, and my senryu, "gastroenteritis" earned an Honourable Mention! Many grateful thanks to Carolyne Rohrig and to the judges for this incredible honour.


late sunset
by the ferris wheel
I twirl
the phantom ring
around my finger


we reassure Mom
it wasn't her cooking

16 December 2016: My haiku, "ebb tide" has earned an Honourable Mention in the Irish Haiku Society's 8th International Haiku Competition 2016.

ebb tide
turtle hatchlings
chase the sea

30 November 2016: "The Last Two Bees" won the October 2016 WonderFold Writing Contest.

26 November 2016: My haiku, "winter morn" appears in the Wild Plum anthology, The Falling Star.

18 November 2016: A thought-provoking commentary on my haiku, "forest path" by Nicholas Klacsanzky in Haiku Commentary.

5 November 2016: My deepest thanks and gratitude to Amanda Dcosta and Susan Burch for organizing the wonderful Where Tanka Prose Grows 2016 challenge! It inspired my first tanka prose, "Love Story" which earned an Honourable Mention.

31 October 2016: An insightful analysis of my haiku, "winter evening", by Nicholas Klacsanzky in Haiku Commentary.

17 October 2016: Wonderful commentary by Jacob Salzer on my haiku, "walking home", in Haiku Commentary.

30 September 2016: My haiga, "old river", was selected as one of the winners in The 145th World Haiku Association Haiga Contest.

29 September 2016: My haiku, "amputation day" placed 9th with 24 points (7-1-1) at the European Quarterly Kukai #15 - Autumn 2016 Edition (topic: sounds):

amputation day
the sound of
cut grass

28 September 2016: Overjoyed to receive news that my haiku, "drifting snowflakes", has placed third in the prestigious Harold G. Henderson Memorial Awards! :D Many grateful thanks to the Haiku Society of America and the judges, Cor van den Heuvel and Scott Mason, for this incredible honour!

drifting snowflakes
the police car's ascent
up our driveway

The judges' commentary: As we turn from drifting sea spray to drifting snowflakes we also shift emotional registers with this powerfully portentous moment. Beginning with the sideways descent of those snowflakes, juxtaposed in the middle line with the curious "ascent" of a police cruiser, the scene seems to unfold in slow motion as if captured in some altered-reality snow globe. But any such illusion is instantly shattered in line three (most especially in its use of the personal pronoun "our") as the poet drives the action -- and our anxiety -- home.

21 September 2016: Lovely review of "The Storm Creatures" at Quick Sip Reviews.

9 September 2016: My pumpkin haiku, "bone tired" earned an Honourable Mention in the 3rd Haiku Contest on the theme "Gourds" at the 12th Pumpkin Festival.

17 August 2016: Deeply insightful commentary on my haiku, "summer rain" at Haiku Commentary.

24 July 2016: A wonderful commentary on my haiku, "summer comfort" at Haiku Commentary.

14 July 2016: "Ode to Enceladus" placed Third in the Global Astronomy Month AstroPoetry Contest 2016!

27 June 2016: My A Day in the Life interview with Terrie Leigh Relf.

26 June 2016: Elated to discover that in the June 2016 World Haiku Review, my neo-classical haiku "summer comfort" received an Honourable Mention and my shintai haiku "tropical sunset" earned a Haiku of Merit! :D

23 June 2016: Incredibly humbled and honoured to be featured in Cinquesettecinque: Otto haiku di Christina Sng, scelti dalla Redazione! Grazie mille, Luca Cenisi!

20 May 2016: My poem "The Man with Red Eyes" has been nominated for the 2016 Dwarf Stars Award!

18 May 2016: Wonderful review of my poem "The Perfect Planet" in Apex #84 by Charles Payseur at Quick Sips Review.

4 May 2016: Excited and thrilled that my haiku "Easter weekend" has won First Prize in the 1st My Haiku Pond Academy Contest! ❤

Easter weekend
wondering if I should paint
or cook the last egg

Thank you Michael Smeer and My Haiku Pond Academy. I share this honour with everyone who was a part of this amazing contest.

21 March 2016: Many grateful thanks to The DC Bike Blogger who very kindly granted me permission to use this photo he took of my haiku. Please do visit his wonderful blog documenting the sites and events in DC.

Golden Haiku "spring morning" by Christina Sng Photo credit: The DC Bike Blogger

8 March 2016: I've been walking on clouds for the past few hours! My spring haiku is a runner up in the 2016 Golden Haiku Contest! All the winning haiku will be displayed in flower beds around the Golden Triangle in Washington D.C. from today!! Congratulations to all the winners!

18 February 2016: My poems Twenty Years and The Woman in the Coffee Shop have been nominated for the 2016 Rhysling Award!! "Twenty Years" was first published in and "The Woman in the Coffee Shop" originally appeared in LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. Thank you to editors, Scott T. Barnes, Susan Shell Winston, Jason Erik Lundberg, and Kristine Ong Muslim for accepting my poetry. It has been an honour to see my work in your esteemed publications! My deepest and most grateful thanks to whomever nominated my poems! Thank you, and thank you again.


Archived Releases 2016

31 December 2016: morning train appears in the European Quarterly Kukai #16 - Winter 2016 Edition (topic: journey).

morning train
everyone lost
in dreams

#085 Christina Sng, Singapore
(1-1-4) = 9 pts

31 December 2016: morning sun, the owls quiet, fourth coffee, her voice, and old pond appear in otata #13.

28 December 2016: year-end bonus appears in the Promotions and Bonuses issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

22 December 2016: year-end party appears in the Office Flirt issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

21 December 2016: In the September 2016 issue of cattails, night forest appears in the haiku section, under senryu, winter chill, summer time, and fading light, and for the Jane Reichold Memorial, trailblazer.

17 December 2016: Full Moon in Yellowstone appears in New Myths #37.

16 December 2016: 11th birthday appears in the latest Asahi Haikuist.

16 December 2016: Spring Dawn, Watching the Last, and Crescent Moon appear in the British Science Fiction Association's Focus Magazine #66.

14 December 2016: My haiku appears in Haiku in the Workplace: The Boss.

8 December 2016: My three haiku appear in the esteemed Jim Kacian's Haiku in the Workplace: Work (in General).

5 December 2016: My haiku, shaded window, appears in Creatrix #35.

1 December 2016: endless, just when, ragdoll, and the things appear in otata 12.

30 November 2016: спокойствие and выводит меня appear in Ershik #15.

30 November 2016: My tanka, alien flyby, and 2 scifaiku, root cellar and sheets flapping appear in Grievous Angel.

23 November 2016: love note appears in today's Gnarled Oak.

23 November 2016: autumn moon appears in today's Haikuniverse.

7 November 2016: it finally happened, eggshells, and summer morning appear in Prune Juice.

7 November 2016: middle age, hummingbird, as if it is innate, and far away clouds appear in Failed Haiku.

2 November 2016: Catsitting on Halloween, three suns, old photo, a world, regrowing, blue sun, pandemonium, and Marriage appear in Star*Line 39.4.

31 October 2016: day's end, home finally, dark clouds, scorched leaves, heavy thunderstorm, rainy season, and on the bleakest day appear in otata 11.

29 October 2016: cold winter, forest path, and snowberries appear in hedgerow #94.

28 October 2016: garden frog appears in Seven By Twenty on Twitter.

28 October 2016: My science fiction tanka, spring dawn, and watching the last, and scifaiku, crescent moon appear in FOCUS Magazine #66.

18 October 2016: 10 poems appear in the Autumn 2016 issue of The Bamboo Hut.

15 October 2016: Ghost Month appears in Eye to the Telescope Issue 22 - Ghosts.

15 October 2016: a break appears in hedgerow #92.

11 October 2016: My poem, The Leviathans of Europa, appears in Polu Texni.

8 October 2016: too upset and blackout appear in hedgerow #91.

7 October 2016: Une Nouvelle Vie and Ichthyosaur Birth appear in LONTAR #7.

2 October 2016: An Inopportune Turn appears in the October issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.

1 October 2016: by the creek, chain lightning, and disassociation appear in Failed Haiku #10.

30 September 2016: barefoot appears in today's The Asahi Haikuist.

29 September 2016: The Storm Creatures appears in Apex Magazine.

24 September 2016: stardust to stardust appears in hedgerow #89.

23 September 2016: old tea cups, morning glory, my kitten, and rain patter appear in the Fall 2016 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

23 September 2016: Autumn Equinox appears in Astronomers Without Borders.

16 September 2016: summer break, first day of summer, and water ripples appear in bear creek haiku.

16 September 2016: forgotten summer and the solstice appear in the Asahi Haikuist.

6 September 2016: Martian appears in Polu Texni.

3 September 2016: Ava appears in New Myths.

3 September 2016: waving cattails appears in The Heron's Nest Volume XVIII, Number 3.

2 September 2016: My cat haiku, wintry moon appears in Makoto Issue 3.

1 September 2016: In the brass bell kitchen haiku collection, a baking ku, my hopes deflated. :D

1 September 2016: morning sun and the cricket song appear in Failed Haiku #9.

1 September 2016: Life on Jupiter and Dead Butterfly appear in the August 2016 online issue of Scifaikuest.

31 August 2016: winter morn and pale lilacs appear in Wild Plum 2:2.

26 August 2016: My space poems, The Heart of the Sun and Beneath the Crimson Sky appear in the 2016 edition of The Martian Wave!

22 August 2016: dandelions appears in Akisame 51:2.

19 August 2016: tequila sunset appears in Gnarled Oak.

15 August 2016: D-Day appears in Polu Texni.

15 August 2016: old river appears in Akisame 50:1.

10 August 2016: My haiku, walking home and Buddha belly appear in bottle rockets #35.

9 August 2016: In bear creek haiku #136, first day of summer and curled up with books.

9 August 2016: still crushed appears in Ribbons Volume 12, Number 2.

8 August 2016: In Issue 27 of American Tanka, my cat poem, snowed in.

30 July 2016: My haiga, After the Snowstorm appears in Electric Haiga.

25 July 2016: belled cat appears in Akisame 37:1.

21 July 2016: mossy puddles and summer by the sea in the 8th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest Selected Haiku Submissions Collection.

19 July 2016: rain drops, muggy Monday, rainy season, decorating, and cold drizzle appear in bear creek haiku.

16 July 2016: summer rain, white lilies, and desert rain appear in hedgerow #86.

14 July 2016: In the gorgeous issue 61 of Mayfly, my haiku, mother's diamond ring.

13 July 2016: Thrilled to see my haiku winter barn paired with Takahashi Biho's beautiful painting, "Owl and Blossoms" on the European Haiku Society page.

9 July 2016: sand dunes and wind chimes appear in hedgerow #85.

6 July 2016: My poem Mirror to the Other Side appears in the July issue of Mythic Delirium.

5 July 2016: The summer issue of Akitsu Quarterly has arrived, with three of my haiku, fading sun, dark skies, and snowflakes.

5 July 2016: My poem The Atomizer and The Matchbox appears in Ghostlight, The Magazine of Terror.

1 July 2016: Prune Juice features my war poems, at the cemetery, night bombings, war stories, and after the war, as well as telling her I love her and snowed in.

1 July 2016: starlight appears in Failed Haiku.

1 July 2016: My first one-line haiku, interconnected appears in otata, along with forest cottage.

25 June 2016: city buzz and flash storm appear in hedgerow #83.

22 June 2016: rock pools, tropical summer, under the stars, moss terrarium, moss garden, and paddling ducks appear in The Weekly Avocet #184.

20 June 2016: snow flurries appears in Akisame 42:1.

19 June 2016: wild flowers placed 11th in the European Quarterly Kukai #14:

wild roses
letting go of things
I cannot change

17 June 2016: In today's issue of Asahi Haikuist, my haiku about infectious diseases, SARS quarantine and After reading.

15 June 2016: My scifaiku grandmother's old house appears in Grievous Angel.

11 June 2016: winter morning and learning appear in Shamrock #34.

8 June 2016: In the May online issue of Scifaikuest, I have 2 senryu Swamp Thing, Umbrellas for Venus, and a horrorku Zoanthid Corals!

4 June 2016: autumn breeze and weathered crow appear in hedgerow #80.

1 June 2016: Scifaiku Enceladean Jellyfish, Blood Moon, First Day of Spring, tanka Bus-sized Geckos, and haiga In the Shallow Waters appear in the latest issue of Scifaikuest.

1 June 2016: daymare, starry night, and trying to understand appear in Failed Haiku Issue 6.

31 May 2016: The Perfect Planet appears in Issue 84 of Apex Magazine!

31 May 2016: thunder, my first three-language haiku in English, Chinese, and French appears in the May 2016 issue of cattails. Many thanks to Helena Chua and Carine Biancardini for their Chinese and French translations of my haiku, half moon.

30 May 2016: storm clouds appears in Akisame 40:1.

23 May 2016: On haikuniverse today, my poem stillness.

20 May 2016: Three haiku collected as Cloudy Night reprinted in Astronomers Without Borders.

19 May 2016: My haiku redwoods appears in the European Haiku Society page, accompanied by a beautiful painting by Kawanabe Kyosai, "Two Crows on a Plum Branch with Rising Sun" (1885-1889).

16 May 2016: morning dew appears in Akisame 38.1.

14 May 2016: 10 of my tanshi quiet night, cherry blossom, snapshot, once best friends, as many friends, croaking frog, pine table, honey bees, and button box appear in the Spring 2016 issue of The Bamboo Hut on pages 53 and 54.

14 May 2016: hanami and red ixoras appear in hedgerow #77.

12 May 2016: Truly humbled and honoured to see my poems Twenty Years and The Woman in the Coffee Shop in the 2016 Rhysling Anthology alongside such luminaries!

12 May 2016: The Necromancy Program, Finally Having Fun, Star Stuff, First Contact, Sunset, and Red Apples appear in Star*Line 39.2.

9 May 2016: My poem Singularity in a Jar appears in Space and Time #125, along with Gary O. Clark whose powerfully evocative poem Eyes of Dust still haunts me. Thank you Linda Addison, for including my work in this incredible issue!

1 May 2016: hazy moon, night crickets, more painful, and winter dreams appear in Failed Haiku Issue 5.

30 April 2016: rock pools, gray sea, and silvery moon appear in hedgerow #75.

29 April 2016: Record heat appears in the 29th April edition of the Asahi Haikuist Network.

29 April 2016: On Leviathan's Wing and Descent of the Jellyfish appear in Illumen 24, and A Discovery in Space, Invaders on Venus, From Mercury to the Sun, Zeus, Eye in the Sky, and Dragon Plumes appear in Outposts of Beyond.

28 April 2016: Invisible Girl, 10 Days in the Gardens, and When It Happened appears in Lontar #6.

27 April 2016: even at appears in The Cicada's Cry.

21 April 2016: My science fiction poem Singularity in a Jar appears in Space and Time #125!

19 April 2016: This year's EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration theme "Foodcrop Haiku" acknowledges the United Nations' designation of 2016 as Year of Pulses. I wrote war memories for the collaboration, dedicated to my mother. It appears on page 20.

15 April 2016: Early haze appears in the 15 April edition of Asahi Haikuist Network.

15 April 2016: My poem Life on Venus is live now at Eye to the Telescope!

13 April 2016: Snow appears in Polu Texni.

13 April 2016: When She Cried appears in The Best of Kindness: Origami Poems Project 2016 Kindness Anthology.

12 April 2016: Philae's Landed appears in Jupiter #50.

1 April 2016: slash of cold appears in The Book of The Fifth Haiku Contest Sharpening The Green Pencil.

1 April 2016: My children's poem In a Parallel Universe appears in the April issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk.

29 March 2016: tropical summer, snow breath, and Indian summer appear in bear creek haiku #133.

26 March 2016: My haiku spring equinox and moss blanket appear in hedgerow #70.

18 March 2016: When She Cried, a poem I wrote about my children, is a Finalist in the Origami Poems Project Kindness Contest. It will be published in The Best of Kindness anthology.

17 March 2016: My haiku first bud of spring appears in Haikuniverse:

first bud of spring
in the first rain

16 March 2016: My haiku summer's end, haibun shrapnel, and haiga spring morning appear in the splendid Spring issue of Akitsu Quarterly!

14 March 2016: Happy Pi Day! My haiku sequence Pi Day appears in Astronomers Without Borders.

10 March 2016: Bone Fences, Metamorphosis, and Fog of War appear in Spectral Realms #4.

1 March 2016: My haiku cloudy night appears in the latest issue of A Hundred Gourds.

29 February 2016: My scifaiku Saturn's Rings and On Charon, and tanka Extreme Sports: Space Edition are live now in the February 2016 edition of Scifaikuest Online.

29 February 2016: My scifaiku Exquisite Corpses, Dawn of the Repair Nanos, Venus and Jupiter Conjunction and horrorku Over the Air appear in the print issue of Scifaikuest 51.

29 February 2016: Amongst the Stars appears in Frostfire Worlds.

3 February 2016: My fantasy poem Unvictorious is live now at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue 27! This is my second fantasy sale ever!

2 February 2016: Children in the Apocalypse appears in Devolution Z Issue 7, on sale now in print and Kindle.

25 January 2016: Supernova appears in Astronomers Without Borders.

Supernova by Christina Sng

17 January 2016: Monsoon Season appears in the January 2016 issue of cattails.

15 January 2016: After the Radiation Leak, 3D Printing, and First Hour on Ceres appear in Star*Line 39.1.

13 January 2016: Diamonds on Neptune and At the End of Time appear in Grievous Angel.

9 January 2016: Wolves by the Gate appears in Weird Fiction Review #6.

5 January 2016: Sled Kittens appears in Spaceports & Spidersilk.

2 January 2016: My haiku Christmas Eve II appears in Haikuniverse.

2 January 2016: Devourer of the World appears in the January issue of Devolution Z.


Archived Sales 2016

31 December 2016: "Bloody Spindle" was sold to Star*Line.

28 December 2016: "morning sun", "the owls quiet", "fourth coffee", "her voice", and "old pond" were accepted for otata.

23 December 2016: "year-end bonus" was accepted for the Promotions and Bonuses issue of Haiku in the Workplace.

22 December 2016: "Judas steer" was accepted for the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Wild Plum.

18 December 2016: "The War of Dragons" was sold to Spectral Realms.

17 December 2016: "last chocolate" and "first sight" were accepted for the happiness issue of brass bell, upcoming January 2017.

17 December 2016: "year-end party" was accepted for the Office Flirt issue of Workplace Haiku.

16 December 2016: "First Date" was sold to Dreams and Nightmares 106.

16 December 2016: "dementia", "dried leaf twirling", and "dead end" were accepted for the Spring 2017 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

15 December 2016: "the old tavern" will appear in the 20 January 2017 issue of The Asahi Haikuist.

12 December 2016: "clear skies" was accepted for the Earth: Our Common Ground anthology, scheduled for release early 2017.

8 December 2016: "first frost" was sold to The Cicada's Cry.

4 December 2016: "Just as Papa Said" will be reprinted in Undead: A Poetry Anthology of Ghouls, Ghosts, and More!

4 December 2016: "Full Moon in Yellowstone" was sold to New Myths.

1 December 2016: "sky full of stars", "final cut", and "dust carpet" were sold to Scifaikuest.

26 November 2016: "All That Talk" was sold to Star*Line.

22 November 2016: "summer birth", "hours", "muddy puddles", and "twigs across a puddle" were accepted for the 100th issue of hedgerow!

21 November 2016: "call waiting", "the meows", and "unexpected frost" was accepted for the December issue of Failed Haiku.

16 November 2016: "amber mansions, singapore" was accepted for the December issue of brass bell.

13 November 2016: "Seconds Before" and "Yellow Bricks" were sold to Grievous Angel.

10 November 2016: "Red Sun" was sold to Scifaikuest.

8 November 2016: "Halloween night" was sold to Star*Line.

28 October 2016: "Puffy Clouds" was sold to Cricket.

27 October 2016: "it finally happened", "eggshells", and "summer morning" were accepted for the November issue of Prune Juice.

25 October 2016: "middle age", "hummingbird", "as if it is innate", and "far away clouds" were accepted for the Nov 5 issue of Failed Haiku.

23 October 2016: "dad's frail shoulders" and "sunday best" were accepted for the November issue of brass bell.

21 October 2016: "garden frog" was accepted for an upcoming edition of 7×20.

20 October 2016: "grade five" was accepted for Eucalypt 21.

19 October 2016: "day's end", "home finally", "withered rose", "dark clouds", "scorched leaves", heavy thunderstorm", "rainy season" were accepted for otata.

18 October 2016: "cold winter", "forest path", and "snowberries" were accepted for hedgerow #94.

16 October 2016: "love note" was accepted for Gnarled Oak #10.

12 October 2016: "Time Again for Life" and "Desert Interlude" were sold to LONTAR 8.

11 October 2016: Very excited that my two senryu, "calmness" and "snapping me" will appear in the 2017 Special English Issue of Ershik, and in October, translated into Russian, for Ershik #15 -- "спокойствие" and "выводит меня".

6 October 2016: My haiga, "treasuring" was sold to Akitsu Quarterly.

3 October 2016: "Which You" and "Black Moon" were sold to Star*Line.

1 October 2016: "too upset" and "blackout" were accepted for hedgerow #91.

24 September 2016: "this delicate dance" was accepted for the October issue of brass bell.

24 September 2016: "Ghost Month", which first appeared in Space and Time #100 in 2007, will be reprinted in Eye to the Telescope this October.

23 September 2016: "by the creek", "chain lightning", and "disassociation" were accepted for the October issue of Failed Haiku.

23 September 2016: "stardust to stardust" was accepted for hedgerow #89.

22 September 2016: "Wrong Turn" and "Her Stunning Silhouette" were sold to Scifaikuest.

22 September 2016: "Autumn Equinox" was accepted for Astronomers Without Borders.

20 September 2016: "Pandemonium" was sold to Star*Line.

9 September 2016: "Three Suns" and "Twin Headlights" were sold to Grievous Angel.

7 September 2016: "Invading Jupiter" and "Annalise" were sold to the July 2017 issue of Outposts of Beyond.

6 September 2016: My tanka, "moonlight", was accepted for the Fall issue of Ribbons.

30 August 2016: "Blue Grass", "Mega Tsunami", and "Keeping You" were sold to Scifaikuest.

23 August 2016: "Marriage" was sold to Star*Line.

19 August 2016: "The Toys" was sold to Frostfire Worlds.

14 August 2016: "fading light" and "summer time" were accepted for cattails.

12 August 2016: "blue sun" was sold to Star*Line.

11 August 2016: "dandelion summer" was sold to Summer 2016 edition of The Cicada's Cry.

10 August 2016: "moon sea jellies", "ocean bed", "giant isopod", "bubbler jellies", "Medusa in sea grass", "tiptoeing past", "seeing", and "manta rays cast" were sold to Equatorial Calm, a multilingual haiku anthology, to be published by Resort Worlds Sentosa in cooperation with Select Books.

10 August 2016: "the sand dunes" were sold to the May 2017 print issue of Scifaikuest.

10 August 2016: "morning song" and "the cricket song" were accepted for the September issue of Failed Haiku.

30 July 2016: My first drabble, "Monitor" was accepted for Alban Lake Publishing's 6th Great Lake Drabble Contest: What if the monitor stares back at you?

29 July 2016: "melting snow" and "winter evening" were sold to Kokako 25.

29 July 2016: "Ava" was sold to New Myths.

28 July 2016: "my kitten" and "rain patter" were sold to Akitsu Quarterly.

26 July 2016: Haiku, "hollow reed", "why we hurt". "wild flowers", harvest season", "rolling hills", "dark clouds", and "when everything", and short poems, "Scream in the Garden", "Love", and "Ten Years" were accepted for the upcoming issue of The Bamboo Hut.

26 July 2016: "Catsitting on Halloween" was sold to Star*Line.

25 July 2016: "snowed in" was sold to American Tanka.

23 July 2016: "summer comfort" was accepted for Haiku Commentary.

23 July 2016: "Three Suns" was sold to Star*Line.

20 July 2016: My kitchen haiku, "my hopes deflated" was accepted for the upcoming issue of brass bell.

17 July 2016: "D-Day", "Martian", and "The Leviathans of Europa" were sold to Polu Texni.

16 July 2016: "winter dawn" was sold to Acorn. It will appear in the Fall issue.

14 July 2016: "After the Snowstorm" was sold to Electric Haiga.

12 July 2016: "after petting the cat" was sold to The Cicada's Cry for their 2016 Special Edition: Cats.

7 July 2016: "desert rain", "summer rain", and "white lilies" were accepted for hedgerow #86.

6 July 2016: "Juno by Starlight", "Black Holes", "One Way Ticket", and "Gnawed Arm" were sold to Scifaikuest! They will appear in the May 2017 print and online issues.

5 July 2016: "A World", "Regrowing", and "Old Photo" were sold to Star*Line.

1 July 2016: "Forgotten summer" and "Barefoot" will appear in an upcoming issue of The Asahi Haikuist.

29 June 2016: "winter moon" was sold to cattails.

28 June 2016: "night forest" was accepted for the September issue of cattails.

28 June 2016: "distant thunder", "winter memorial", and "melting snowman" were accepted for the winter 2016 issue of paper wasp.

28 June 2016: "waving cattails" was sold to The Heron's Nest.

26 June 2016: "winter chill" was accepted for the September issue of cattails.

23 June 2016: "tequila sunset" was sold to Gnarled Oak #9.

23 June 2016: "starlight" was accepted for Failed Haiku's July 2016 issue.

23 June 2016: "When the Earth was Young" and "The Door" were sold to Spectral Realms #6.

22 June 2016: "sand dunes" and "wind chimes" were accepted for hedgerow #85.

21 June 2016: My war poems "at the cemetery", "night bombings", "war stories", and "after the war" were accepted for the July issue of Prune Juice.

21 June 2016: "The Heart of the Sun" and "Beneath the Crimson Sky" were sold to The Martian Wave.

19 June 2016: "Alien Flyby", "Root Cellar, and "Sheets Flapping" was sold to Grievous Angel!

16 June 2016: "Ruby Sky" was sold to Scifaikuest for their February 2017 print issue.

11 June 2016: "mother's diamond ring" was accepted for Mayfly #61.

10 June 2016: "forest cottage" and "interconnected" were accepted for otata.

4 June 2016: "city buzz" and "flash storm" were accepted for hedgerow #83.

4 June 2016: "winter morn" and "pale lilacs" were accepted for the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Wild Plum.

2 June 2016: "Moonlight in the Playground" was sold to Spectral Realms! It will appear in #6 in January 2017.

1 June 2016: "walking home" and "Buddha belly" were sold to Bottle Rockets for #35, slated for August 2016.

31 May 2016: "After reading" and "SARS quarantine" will appear in the June 17 issue of the Asahi Haikuist, while "11th birthday present" is scheduled for the December 2 issue.

30 May 2016: "storm clouds" was accepted for Akisame 40:1.

26 May 2016: Scifaiku "Azure Sun", "February Heat", "Full Moon", and tanka "Dew Drops" were sold to Scifaikuest. They will appear in the February 2017 issue.

25 May 2016: My haiku "old tea cups" and "morning glory" and haibun "the guardian of Fukushima's animals" were sold to Akitsu Quarterly. They will appear in the Summer 2016 issue.

21 May 2016: "Garage Sale", "After Their Walk", and "Solar Eclipse" were sold to Star*Line.

20 May 2016: "daymare", "starry night", and "trying to understand" were accepted for the June issue of Failed Haiku.

19 May 2016: "Spring Dawn", "Last Space Shuttle", and "Crescent Moon" were sold to Focus.

17 May 2016: "autumn breeze" and "weathered crow" were accepted for issue #80 of hedgerow.

16 May 2016: My haiku "morning dew" was accepted for Akisame 38.1.

3 May 2016: Sold "Year-round Haze", "Chernobyl", and "Racing Out" to Star*Line.

1 May 2016: "hanami" and "red ixoras" were accepted for issue #77 of hedgerow.

21 April 2016: My first tanka sale! "still crushed" was sold to Ribbons, scheduled for the Spring/Summer 2016 issue.

19 April 2016: "ice panes" was accepted for the upcoming issue of Frameless Sky.

15 April 2016: My children's haiku "Goose Egg" and "School Recital" were sold to Cricket!!!

14 April 2016: "telling her I love her" and "snowed in" were accepted for the July issue of Prune Juice.

11 April 2016: "winter morning" and "learning" were accepted for Shamrock 34, scheduled for June 2016.

10 April 2016: "hazy moon", "night crickets", "more painful", and "winter dreams" were accepted for the May issue of Failed Haiku.

9 April 2016: "even at" was sold to the Spring issue of The Cicada's Cry.

8 April 2016: "rock pools", "gray sea", and "silvery moon" were accepted for issue 75 of hedgerow.

4 April 2016″ "Grandmother's Old House" was sold to Grievous Angel.

1 April 2016: "Early haze" was sold to Asahi Haikuist Network.

1 April 2016: "Red Apples" was sold to Star*Line.

30 March 2016: "empty nest", "winter storm", and "moth orchids" were accepted for wild voices: an anthology of small poems & art by women.

28 March 2016: "quiet night", "cherry blossom", "homesick", "snapshot", "once best friends", "as many friends", "croaking frog", "pine table", "honey bees", and "button box" were accepted for the May issue of The Bamboo Hut.

24 March 2016: "fading sun", "dark skies", and "snowflakes" were sold to Akitsu Quarterly.

22 March 2016: "tropical summer", "Indian summer", and "snow breath" were accepted for bear creek haiku #133.

20 March 2016: "spring equinox" and "moss blanket" have been accepted for #70 of hedgerow.

15 March 2016: "In a Parallel Universe" and "An Inopportune Turn" were sold to Spaceports & Spidersilk!

14 March 2016: "Pi Day" was accepted for Astronomers Without Borders.

13 March 2016: "Snow" was sold to Polu Texni, slated for May/June 2016.

10 March 2016: "Spaceship Descending", "First Night on our New Planet", "Leaves of Chartreuse", "Obsidian Sky", and "Red Roses Crushed Underfoot" were sold to Scifaikuest.

10 March 2016: "When She Cried" was sold to The Best of Kindness Anthology.

7 March 2016: My cat haiku "thunder" was sold to cattails.

25 February 2016: "Planetary Alignment", "Hole in my Spacesuit", "Snowchaser Berries", "Moonless Sky", and "Twin Moons Rise" were sold to Scifaikuest for my Featured Poet spot in November 2016!

24 February 2016: "Life on Venus" was sold to Eye to the Telescope.

24 February 2016: "Ichthyosaur Birth" and "Une Nouvelle Vie" were sold to LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction #7.

21 February 2016: "Death's Other Superpowers" was sold to Weird Fiction Review #7, scheduled for November 2016!

20 February 2016: "Sunset" was sold to Star*Line.

19 February 2016: "Philae's Landed" was sold to Jupiter Magazine.

18 February 2016: "half moon" was sold to cattails.

12 February 2016: "Star Stuff" and "First Contact" were sold to Star*Line.

10 February 2016: "Invaders on Venus", "From Mercury to the Sun", "Zeus", "Eye in the Sky", and "Dragon Plumes" were sold to Outposts of Beyond.

4 February 2016: "Fukushima", "Black Opal Skies", "Sun Death", "Standing Still", "Midnight Patrol", Wireless Charging", "Each Solar Flare", "Kill Order Approved", "Witching Hour", and "Rare Peaceful Day" were sold to Scifaikuest as part of my Featured Poet spot!

30 January 2016: "dusk fall" was sold to cattails.

19 January 2016: "The Necromancy Program" and "Finally Having Fun" were sold to Star*Line.

15 January 2016: "Unvictorious" was sold to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly!

9 January 2016: "On Leviathan's Wing" and "Descent of the Jellyfish" were sold to Illumen.

9 January 2016: "A Discovery in Space" was sold to Outposts of Beyond.

7 January 2016: I will be Featured Poet in the November 2016 issue of Scifaikuest! Poems sold to this issue include "Midnight", "Flu Pandemic", "Grid Lines", and "Tree on a Hill".

7 January 2016: Sold my first haiga brush painting "spring morning" to Akitsu Quarterly! It will be in the Spring 2016 issue.

2 January 2016: Christmas Eve II was sold to Haikuniverse.

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