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2018 Features

22 December 2018: My story "A Dream of Dragons" has won the Folded Word Nautical Twilight PM Winter Solstice Series Selection for 2018!

20 December 2018: Over the moon to receive Second Place in Haiku University's Weekly Haiku Contest from the 10th to 16th of December.

the agony of a first tooth

Commentary from judge Nicholas David Klacsanzky: "The shape of the lightning and the tooth has a "striking" similarity, if I may use a pun. But here the sound of the storm is more focused on, and we can almost hear the agony of the person who has his or her first tooth coming in. Thunderstorms almost seem supernatural in their power and epicness, and even though a tooth is much smaller than a storm, it can definitely seem like one!"

7 December 2018: Lovely Q&A with Tammy Walker on space, celestial objects, and my Elgin Award-winning collection, Astropoetry: Q&As with Speculative Poets: Christina Sng

28 November 2018: Wonderful review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES by book.happy on Instagram and Goodreads!

"Christina Sng writes beautifully, and she has put her heart into these poems...They had depth and emotion, and they were so descriptive. Many of the narrators of the poems seemed to be women, and it was easy to find things to relate to in this collection...there's such an intriguing variety in Christina's poetry that it was all enjoyable...A Collection of Nightmares would be a great introduction to someone who wants to try out horror poetry, but maybe doesn't want to get into super gory material yet. This book is definitely dark, but it's not as bleak as some others I have read. There's still some hope in these poems even though they are focused on nightmares."

25 November 2018: A fantastic review of ASTROPOETRY and A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES by Luke Forney in the Fall 2018 issue of Star*Line!

"One could argue that the very nature of haiku, senryu, and other short poetic forms is to capture an essence and then deliver a twist. In Astropoetry: Poems Celebrating the Wonders and Mysteries of Space, Christina Sng exceeds and surpasses this, frequently starting with a twist and then delivering another. Even more essential to Astropoetry's success, beyond its technical acumen and deeply thought-out premises, is Sng's sense of humor, particularly around Halloween. This sense of joy mixes with the mystery and awe of humanity moving beyond Earth. Astropoetry captures the enormous scope of astronomical travel by layering its poems in the order of distance from the sun, out. We watch as humans take their first stab at colonization, and we see the beauty of the enormous astronomical bodies that ravage distant space.

With A Collection of Nightmares: Even the Most Exquisite Dreams Turn Dark, Sng spends much more time in longer-form poetry, but the twists of both theme and execution are even stronger than those of Astropoetry. As opposed to the previous collection, which demonstrated a sense of optimism and wonder in the face of a dangerous universe, A Collection of Nightmares spends more time exploring people trapped with their darkness...Sng's sense of humor is still present in A Collection of Nightmares, but here it takes the form of gallows humor of the darkest these darkest ironies hold the strongest kernels of truth within them.

Astropoetry and A Collection of Nightmares both demonstrate, at their core, Sng's thematic concerns of human agency. Our ability to succeed, our capacity to fail, and the bounds on both. And within that framework, Sng both places the reader as a human in a vast universe of space and of fear, and reminds us that even when surrounded by this vastness, being human matters."

5 November 2018: My haiga "promising me" has won First Prize in the Third Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition and "still swarming around" received an Honourable Mention!!

Thank you so much to the judges, Ron C. Moss and Steve Hodge for this incredible honour! I am deeply grateful to them for making this possible.

Judge's comments on "promising me":

"Simple, effective, and powerful, these are the first things that come to mind when I first saw this very effective haiga.

Many of the traditional components are there, from the light simple touch of the brushwork, to the sparse but emotional senryu that resonates deeply.

We see the ants crossing what looks like a stick over a puddle, which is a lovely link to finding the way and a promise of hope.

This haiga reminded me a lot of the classic ink paintings and their ability to say so much in a few deft strokes and not overwhelm but compliment the words."

28 October 2018: My article "Horror and Halloween in Singapore" for the HWA Halloween Haunts blogspot is now live! A copy of my Bram Stoker Award-winning poetry book A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES is up for grabs from now till October 31st!

23 October 2018: There's a wonderful review of my books ASTROPOETRY and A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES by Luke Forney in Star*Line 41.4 that completely made my day!

26 September 2018: I'm featured in Speculative Chic's My Favorite Things!

21 September 2018: ASTROPOETRY won second place in the Elgin Awards!! I'm over the moon!

Thank you so much to the Science Fiction Poetry Association for this incredible honour! I'm deeply grateful to everyone who made time to read my book and loved it enough to vote for it.

A million thanks to my publisher Alban Lake for always believing in my work and supporting me over years, and to Mitchell Davidson Bentley for his mesmerizing cover.

A special thank you to David Lee Summers, Shelly Bryant, Marge Simon, Theresa Santitoro, Mike Allen, Linda D Addison, John Reinhart, F.J. Bergmann, Charles Christian, and my many friends and colleagues who have been to the stars and back with me. This collection would not have been possible without you.

10 September 2018: My fairy tale haiku sequence "Little Red in Haiku", which first appeared in Star*Line 40.4 last year, has received an Honourable Mention in the Best Horror of the Year Volume Ten!!! I am stunned and overjoyed and can't stop beaming at my computer. Thank you so much for this incredible honor, Ms Datlow!


flash of red
through the woods

old goat
tougher than expected
long lunch

of maraschino cherries
baby smells

another species
something new

tenderizes the meat
grandma not grandma

clear anomalies
the sharpness of teeth
and claws

the speed
of younglings
chest arrow

her sobs
as he fades to black
grandma bones uncovered

21 July 2018: The Constant Search for Wonder and Awe: Kendall Reviews talks to the brilliant Christina Sng.

14 July 2018: Happy 1st Book Birthday to A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES!! I share this joy with my publishers, Jennifer Barnes and John Edward Lawson, my editor, Stephanie M. Wytovich, our amazing cover artist, Steven Archer, and all of you wonderful friends here. We wouldn't have made it without your love and support. Thank you and here's to another great year together!

12 July 2018: Thrilled to be featured in Sci-Fi and Scary's Ladies of Horror!

9 July 2018: Delighted to discover that my poem "Forest Mother" earned an Honourable Mention in Poetry Nook's 190th Weekly Poetry Contest.

5 July 2018: Thrilled to be featured in Sci-fi & Scary!

3 July 2018: Author Spotlight in Martian Magazine.

2 July 2018: Over the moon to receive 4 nominations for the 2018 Dwarf Stars Award! The poems are:

bloody spindle
putting another princess
under again

--Star*Line, 40.1, 2017

ruby sky
first day
as a Martian

--Scifaikuest 53, March 2017

seconds before
the asteroid hits
he finally tells me
he loves me
eye roll

--Grievous Angel, April 2017

multiverse theory this feeling of deja vu

--Sonic Boom #9, 2017

30 June 2018: My science haiku "An Eternal Divide" won Third Place in the Astronomers Without Borders Global Astronomy Month AstroPoetry Contest 2018.

an eternal divide
between sea and sky
the gravity of existence

29 June 2018: "Out of This World" earned an Honourable Mention in Drabble Harvest #10.

27 May 2018: 5-Stars from Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews for A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES.

"This poetry collection is beautiful. The poems are dark and creepy. Just the way I like it...(They) drip with life and death. They are brutal and frightfully beautiful. Some will make you tear up, while others will give you chills...If you haven't read any horror poetry lately, then I suggest you remedy that immediately. This collection is a great place to start."

24 May 2018: A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES will be exhibited at the Poets House in NYC, USA from June 28 to August 18.

20 May 2018: Over the moon to discover that my poem "Sand Under a Microscope" has won First Place in Angela Poetry Magazine's Monthly Lighthearted Poetry Contest! It's my first time winning a prize for a contemporary poem so I'm really excited!

15 May 2018: Elated to have a half-page feature by Olivia Ho in the Singapore Straits Times: Poet Christina Sng is the first Singaporean to win the Bram Stoker award!

10 May 2018: Wonderful 5-star review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES by Nicholas Diak on Goodreads.

7 May 2018: Elated that my haiku "giving spring" has been selected as Editor's Pick for the Spring 2018 edition of The Cicada's Cry!

giving spring
another chance
rescued cat

2 May 2018: Jennifer Crow reviews A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES:

"If you like your poetry dark--but also like it with a heart and soul--this is a great collection. I love how Christina Sng blends creepiness with human interaction. So many of the stories involve the links between family members, especially mothers and children. It captures, with remarkable emotional effect, the desire to protect in terrifying moments and the fear that only loving someone can bring to us."

1 May 2018: My haiku "the gravity" is featured in Sonic Boom's anthology the arithmetic of sparrows: Best of Paper Lanterns (vol. 1):

the gravity of disrespect drain flies

29 April 2018: Blown away by Christa Carmen's wonderful 5-star review of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES on GoodReads:

"Christina Sng's Bram Stoker Award-winning collection could therefore not be more aptly named. Sng's work elicits the same hypnagogic surreality you've felt infusing your prone and vulnerable sleeping form during a particularly terrifying omnibus of nightmares."

24 April 2018: 3 of my 2018 Rhysling-nominated poems "Starlight", Moonlight in the Playground", and "Little Red" are featured in Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi's blog for National Poetry Month.

14 April 2018: My haiku "raining again" has won First Place in the Jane Reichhold International Prize! Many grateful thanks to the ukiaHaiku Committee and the contest judge, Michael Dylan Welch.

raining again
the soft tapping
of my cat's tail

Comments by the Judge: "One of the hallmarks of a good haiku is the immediate sense that we've had the same experience, or that we've seen the same thing, feeling the emotions that go along with that experience. The poem validates our own experience as it seeks to honor the everyday extra ordinariness of life. We've all seen the soft tapping of a cat's tail, and may wonder what the cat might be thinking. Perhaps the cat is thinking exactly what we might be thinking, wishing it would stop raining so we might go outside again to enjoy the outdoors. The fact that it's raining again tells us that the cat's patience is being tried, as is our own during a rainy season. But the poem also offers a moment of contentment. It's very likely that the cat is content after all, regardless of the weather, suggesting that we might want to be content as well, no matter how much it continues to rain."

11 April 2018: Catku has been reviewed in Italian by Luca Cenisi.

31 March 2018: Delighted to be awarded 3 Haiku of Merit in the 10th Anniversary Edition of World Haiku Review in the categories Shintai (1) and Vanguard (2):

nettle season
learning nonchalance
from my cat

hung upside down
dried roses

loud echoes
still trapped somewhere
my poems in me

30 March 2018: With Fiona Mcvie at Author Interviews.

28 March 2018: My haiku "a caterpillar" was featured on haiku windows this week with a lovely commentary by Katherine Munro:

a caterpillar
in my window box
changing seasons

"Here we also have the idea of the changing seasons, winter to spring or spring to summer, most likely, emphasized by the entrance of a creature that will change itself. The setting of the window box also fits well--gardening and plants also follow a cycle, although humans often attempt to force their own ideas on these things..."

27 March 2018: The Bram Stoker Awards 2018!

5 March 2018: My haiku "monarch butterfly" earned 1st Place in the Caribbean Kigo Anniversary Kukai!

monarch butterfly
discovering how much
I have changed

4 March 2018: A Collection of Nightmares has won the Bram Stoker Award® for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection!!!

23 February 2018: "Out of this World" earned an Honourable Mention in Alban Lake Publishing's 10th Drabble Contest.

13 February 2018: "Little Red" has been nominated for the 2018 Rhysling Awards.

7 February 2018: My deepest thanks and gratitude to Jim Lee for his incredible Review of A Collection of Nightmares.

6 February 2018: A Collection of Nightmares made the Final Ballot of the Bram Stoker Awards®!

6 February 2018: "The Gravity of Loss" won the WonderFold Writing Contest! This is my first award for a haibun.

28 January 2018: My poems Starlight and Moonlight in the Playground have been nominated for the 2018 Rhysling Awards!

23 January 2018: A Collection of Nightmares made the Preliminary Ballot of the Bram Stoker Awards®!

17 January 2018: Astropoetry and A Collection of Nightmares have been nominated for the 2018 Elgin Awards!

4 January 2018: My profile and selected work at The Haiku Foundation's Registry.


2018 Releases

27 December 2018: In December's A Sense of Place:

barefoot on the
scorching sidewalk
involuntary dance

a lick for you
and a lick for me
ice cream with puppy

a cat
tracking a rat
city sidewalk

the sound
of two cats fighting
alley brawl

23 December 2018: My dark tale "The Execution" is live now at the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

21 December 2018: My contributor's copy of Spectral Realms #9 arrived today with this breathtaking cover by Dan Sauer and my 3 poems "Cornflower Valley", "The Vampire's Mother", and "The Mermaid". #9 also features the poetry of Frank Coffman, Ashley Dioses, Allan Rozinski, David B. Harrington, Wade German, Adam Bolivar, Leigh Blackmore, Deborah Davitt, and many more. Ordering information in comments. This issue is dedicated to Michael Fantina.

19 December 2018: Delighted to see my 3 poems and brush painting "Parallel Worlds" in this week's edition of Colorado Boulevard.

in each cloud
I search for
the silver lining
choosing to see
the good in everything

a deep breath
in and out
glad to be alive
for another day
the dispersion
of dandelions

all that
I am grateful for
all that I love
the silver linings
in clouds

Some turtle hatchlings were eaten by predators; others made it to safety. Which side of the story do we choose to see? The cruelty of nature or the triumphant victories?

15 December 2018: My flash fiction "Hellava Journey" appears in New Myths #45.

12 December 2018: Proud and happy to see my Rhysling-nominated poem "Twenty Years" in Passages: Best of NewMyths Anthology, Volume I alongside such incredible company!

10 December 2018: My microflash "The Division of Twins", poem "Like Birds in the Shimmering Clouds", and 2 haiku sequences "Wild Rose" and "Girlhood" in the Shanghai Literary journal Alluvium.

6 December 2018: Lovely to be a part of Colorado Boulevard's Dreamscapes:

childhood home
in every shadow
I see monsters

every morning
dragons adrift
in the clouds

in my hands
millions of micro universes
seaside sand

Dreaming is magical. While we sleep, we conjure possibilities out of impossibilities, the extraordinary out of the ordinary, and we show ourselves how we can be more than we are.

4 December 2018: Elated to see "autumn wedding" in NHK World Japan's Haiku Masters today!

autumn wedding
the bride's heels sink
into dried leaves

3 December 2018: My haiku sequences "Love Game" and "Housewife", and short poem "Girl on Fire" appear in the Shanghai Literary journal Alluvium. This is my first time published in China! :D

30 November 2018: Contributor copies of Star*Line 41.4 arrived today. Inside, my poems "The Warrior Mephala", "Legacies", painting "Happiest Childhood Memories", and a fantastic review of ASTROPOETRY and A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES by Luke Forney.

30 November 2018: Lovely to see my 5 haiku in otata #36!

hovering on my hibiscus

sakura leaves
fluttering around me
butterfly rain

going downhill
with malfunctioning brakes
just one glass of wine

of my thumb
Mt Olympus

a fallen tree
resting on another
mother's arms

30 November 2018: My story "The Old Bones" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

28 November 2018: November editions of A Sense of Place:

red light
I absently step off
the sidewalk

the warmth
of my daughter's hand
new hiking trail

the taste
of freedom
solo hike

the scent
of baby's breath
family hike

26 November 2018: My poem "Dark Dragons" appears in Silver Blade Issue 40.

23 November 2018: My haiku "king tide" and "a long pause" appear in the Winter 2018 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

king tide
turtle hatchlings
riding the waves

a long pause
between words
evening still

8 November 2018: Happy to see my 6 poems in Scifaikuest!

exhaling fire
he burns his halo


seeing red
all day
Antares orbit

all the craters
look alike
broken gps

all my nightmares
saved in the dream catcher
I hang it over your bed

craving to see blue skies
and green grass again
these long years in space
Titan's ice mountains
pale in comparison

5 November 2018: "peeling away", "the dizzying spin", and "another promise" appear in Prune Juice:

peeling away
my many layers
navel orange

the dizzying spin
of our carnival ride
first love

another promise
to keep your promises
dissipating wind

4 November 2018: "Stations of the Cross" and "autumn leaf" appear in otata 35:

Stations of the Cross
we talked arm in arm
about our life story

autumn leaf
finally I know
my place

2 November 2018: Glad to be in today's Asahi Shimbun with a haiku remembering sweet moments with my little son:

baby's first car ride
we sing wheels on the bus
all day long

2 November 2018: My poem "Obsession" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project.

1 November 2018: Elated to see my two digital paintings "Daybreak" and "World Catcher" alongside my tanka "how I weep" in Colorado Boulevard's Poetry Corner on Seeing the World Differently, curated by the wonderful Kathabela Wilson.

how I weep
for the leaves
fallen and dried
yet they return in spring
to live again

1 November 2018: I'm so delighted to be a part of The Cicada's Cry Special Digital Edition Halloween 2018:

trick or treating
we all get a witch's hat
even the cat

1 November 2018: Happy to be among friends in this week's A Sense of Place:

deep forest trail
the search party follows
my pup's excited yelps

27 October 2018: Glad to be in the Autumn 2018 issue of Wales Haiku Journal with:

how much of him
still remains in there
grandpa's grave

25 October 2018: I've got my head in the clouds in this week's A Sense of Place.

cloudtop hike
seeing nothing
but sky

23 October 2018: My black and white digital art "Happiest Childhood Memories" appears in Star*Line 41.4 alongside two of my fantasy poems "The Warrior Mephala" and "Legacies".

19 October 2018: Delighted to be featured in today's Haikuniverse:

a brief dream
of another life
sliding doors

18 October 2018: Thrilled to see my scifaiku "strange contagions", "clinically dead", tanka "garlic and crosses", and my line art "The Hand" in the 16th Anniversary Issue of Scifaikuest!!

clinically dead
the brain dreams
in remnants

17 October 2018: In this week's A Sense of Place:

a touch of dew
on the strawberries
picking season

17 October 2018: My haiku and tanka featured in the Colorado Boulevard Poetry Corner on Calm Waters:

Living in the city, there's little escape from the din, save for the night when all is quiet and calm. Those are the hours I feel most at peace, a much needed time to rest and recharge before another day envelops us again.

my constant
need for quiet

at the bottom
of the sea
I envy the shark
in its quiet place

15 October 2018: My drabble, "The Evolution of Extraordinary Creatures" appears in Drabble Harvest #11-Unnatural Wildlife Handbook.

12 October 2018: "The Many Lives of Swan Everly", one of my favourite flash fictions, appears in the October issue of Outposts of Beyond.

10 October 2018: In A Sense of Place:

the taste of dew
on our parched tongues
deep meadow

3 October 2018: In this week's A Sense of Place:

finding us
in lush meadow
our blind dog

2 October 2018: Thrilled to see my poem "Mission to Mercury" in the latest issue of Abyss & Apex!

28 September 2018: Honoured to be amongst such magnificent company in the Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume V with my poem "The Art of Sewing". On sale now!

27 September 2018: Happy to be among friends in the latest issue of otata!

we make do
with whatever we have
carpet grass

moonlit porch
a book asleep
on grandma

25 September 2018: My flash fiction "A World Beneath the Amber Sky" in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

21 September 2018: Happy to be in today's Asahi Shimbun with my haiku:

changing seasons
uncovering over and over
the mystery of who I am

19 September 2018: A wonderful memory recollected in this week's A Sense of Place:

tall grasses
two fawns play
hide and seek

19 September 2018: In this week's Colorado Boulevard on gratitude:

garden sanctuary
the parched trees
rejuvenated by rain
when you listened to me

13 September 2018: "Grandmother Red", my fairy tale poem, appears in New Myths #44.

13 September 2018: PASSAGES, Best of NewMyths Anthology Volume 1, which is running a Kickstarter right now, will be out this fall and I am elated that my Rhysling-nominated poem "Twenty Years" will be featured.

13 September 2018: Happy to be a part of this week's A Sense of Place among friends! :D

her tears
when we reach the summit
actually raindrops

10 September 2018: My poem "Inheritance" in Unnerving's gothic anthology Haunted are These Houses. Preorders open now!

6 September 2018: One of my happiest journeys was here on Mount Krizevac as a 17 year old searching for answers but finding peace. Glad to be included in this week's A Sense of Place, among friends.

morning walk
up Mt. Krizevac
the taste of fresh air

5 September 2018: In Colorado Boulevard with 5 poems:

gracefully gliding
between its flowers
monarch butterfly

a tiny bug eludes
the Venus fly trap
180 degree turn

letting the wind
carry it

wild graces
learning to accept
that sometimes
things are just
what they seem

to fly with it
night owl

3 September 2018: "Sir Jack and the Bad Elf", a story I wrote for my son when he was 5, appears in the August 2018 issue of Frostfire Worlds!

2 September 2018: Thrilled to see my poem "Mars Colony" and three illustrations, "Dreams of Flight", "Preparing to Fly", and "Cat World" in Star*Line 41.3.

2 September 2018: In the mail today, the Fall 2018 issue of Akitsu Quarterly:

lake house
all my dreams
in a dream

1 September 2018: In otata:

the day I gave up
on us

30 August 2018: The Mountain edition of A Sense of Place on the sensation smell:

mountain breeze
even on a winding path
my retriever finds me

29 August 2018: In the Fantastic issue of Colorado Boulevard, my tanka and scifaiku:

seemingly unharmed
from a wormhole
part of me wonders
am I still me

still biting me
the moth-sized mosquitoes
on Mars

24 August 2018: My tanka "watching" is in the latest issue of Stacking Stones with "Becoming", a tanka sequence with my friends, Susan Burch, Jessica Malone Latham, Mary Hohlman, Tiffany Diaz, and Josie Hibbing.

the flames rise
and fall into ashes
I remake myself
summer phoenix

22 August 2018: This week's A Sense of Place on sound:

my warning away
mountain wind

16 August 2018: Happy to be in this week's A Sense of Place on sight:

the bleakness of the sky
search and rescue

16 August 2018: Glad to be in Colorado Boulevard for the first time with my 2 haiku:

after an hour
my begonia revived
deep watering

solo trip
to the hot springs
new beginnings

1 August 2018: This week's edition of A Sense of Place on taste:

the taste of sand
between my teeth
sea swim summer

1 August 2018: Elated to be in today's Haiku Masters!

in a cup of tea
spring dreams

1 August 2018: Thrilled to see my flash fiction "Darkest Planet in the Universe" in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project!

26 July 2018: Glad to be a part of The Haiku Foundation's A Sense of Place series alongside many lovely poet friends!

a map
beach bbq

24 July 2018: The final chapter of my space epic series in prose poetry, "The Sentient Stars" appears in Polu Texni today.

22 July 2018: Happy to be in the 2nd issue of Femku alongside many poet friends with my 2 haiku:

the truth
slowly sinking in
deep lake

sickle moon
another panic attack
about death

18 July 2018: Delighted to be a part of Katherine Munro's A Sense of Place series with my haiku:

meditation app
the sound of the waves
lulls me to sleep

14 July 2018: Excited to see my flash fiction "The Assassin Program" reprinted in the July issue of Outposts of Beyond! It originally appeared in Penumbric in 2004. The 2018 version of "The Assassin Program" has been revised and updated.

12 July 2018: Happy to see my haiku in The Haiku Foundation's new feature, A Sense of Place:

river rocks
we leap over
the frogs

10 July 2018: The Cicada's Cry Summer Edition 2018 is out with my haiku:

summer break
the cat's hotel
nicer than ours

5 July 2018: My 100-word stories "Luci" and "The Future Conquerers" are in Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles.

2 July 2018: My science fiction drabble "Mars Base" appears in Martian Magazine today.

1 July 2018: 3 senryu in Prune Juice today:

teenage years
the complexity
of a rosebud

comet trail
the lingering waft
of her perfume

withering rose
some part of me
still womanly

30 June 2018: "chalkboard sky" appears in the July issue of otata:

chalkboard sky
my little girl charts
the constellations

28 June 2018: "Forest Mother" appears in the Ladies of Horror Flash Project:

26 June 2018: "mistaken again" in Stardust Haiku:

mistaken again
for someone else
luna moth

26 June 2018: My poem "Demons" appears in Disturbed Digest #21.

20 June 2018: My haiku "the falling leaves" in this week's Haiku Windows:

the falling leaves
never reaching the ground
stained glass window

12 June 2018: Delighted to see my watercolour painting "Blue World" and 2 haiku in the Summer 2018 issue of Akitsu Quarterly!

my importance

the strength
I need to rebuild

9 June 2018: My short story "Red" appears in Space and Time #131!

9 June 2018: Glad to have 3 haiku in the June issue of otata!

eye surgery another moonless night

bracing for
the inevitable

lost in a fugue the empty snail shells

7 June 2018: On Haiku Windows:

deep space
nothing to see
but darkness

30 May 2018: On Haiku Windows:

once again
wishing on a star
lottery window

30 May 2018: My poem "School Recital" appears in the May 2018 issue of Cricket.

27 May 2018: First time featured in the Wales Haiku Journal!

misty dawn
drifting in and out
of dreams

24 May 2018: Proud to be a part of Nina D'Arcangela's Ladies of Horror Flash Project with my horror poem, "All the Monsters in the World"!

24 May 2018: On Haiku Windows:

protecting us only
from what's outside
storm window

23 May 2018: My painting "Waiting Together" is on the cover of Dreams & Nightmares 109!

This is the first time my art has made the cover of a print magazine and I am especially thrilled because my first two poems ever published were in Dreams & Nightmares 52.

My deepest and most grateful thanks to David C. Kopaska-Merkel for giving my work a home all these years.

Dreams and Nightmares 109 includes my fairy tale poem, "Rapunzel", and fantastic poems by F.J. Bergmann, Joshua Gage, Herb Kauderer, Deborah P Kolodji, John Reinhart, and many more.

16 May 2018: Delighted to see my contributor copies of The Cicada's Cry, edited by the wonderful Joanne M Reinbold.

16 May 2018: 3 weeks of Haiku Windows:

window seat
a teddy bear
left behind

perched outside
the hospital window
a bird with all its limbs

seeing the world
through soap bubbles
first car wash

1 May 2018: "solitary journey" appears in otata #29.

solitary journey
of a leatherback hatchling
the space between stars

27 April 2018: Happy to be a part of the 2018 Earthrise Rolling Collaborative Haiku together with so many wonderful poet friends!

deep dive
into the rapids

25 April 2018: Conjuring up memories of the movie Sliding Doors in my haiku for this week's Haiku Windows:

spotting him
through the train window
the one who got away

24 April 2018: Thrilled to be featured in today's Haikuniverse:

cat fur
on the couch
one year later

23 April 2018: My poem "A Capacity for Violence" appears in The Ladies of Horror Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

18 April 2018: Happy to see my poem "first sight" featured in this week's Haiku Windows.

first sight
of her grandson
video chat

"Another example of what a difference this technology can make in our lives--it is much easier to connect with people, and communicate, than ever before, and this column could be considered another fine example of this as well..."

15 April 2018: In Chrysanthemum 23, my haiku:

another day
lost in what-ifs
death anniversary

4 April 2018: My haiku "all my dreams" appears in this week's Haiku Windows.

all my dreams
behind the envelope window
acceptance letter

3 April 2018: My black and white ink illustration "First Time on a Swing" appears in Star*Line 41.2.

2 April 2018: Happy to see my poem "Sunshine" in the children's science fiction magazine Spaceports and Spidersilk.

1 April 2018: My poem "The Girl Made of Electricity" appears in the limited chapbook I Don't Want to Play This Game Anymore.

1 April 2018: My haiku "spring wind" appears in Sharpening the Green Pencil: The Book of the 2018 Contest:

spring wind
a wall of ivy
waves to me

1 April 2018: Happy to be a part of John Martone's splendid journal, otata:

by all accounts
I should be dead
water bear

silent spring
another tumor
another day

my imperfect pitch

30 March 2018: My tanka in tinywords 18.1:

with each deep breath
I find more of myself
in this world
the scent of rose petals
after the rain

23 March 2018: Absolutely thrilled to receive my contributor's copy of Spectral Realms No. 8 with my poems "The Girl and Her Wolf Dog", "When We Fall", and "Memoirs in the Dark". Also, a gorgeous selection of weird poetry, an article on "Verse vs. Free Verse" by Frank Coffman, and in her exquisitely beautiful prose, Sunni Brock takes us on a breathtaking journey through the interweaving poems of A COLLECTION OF NIGHTMARES. Thank you so much, Sunni, for this incredibly wonderful review!

20 March 2018: "new stories"and "bone tired" appear in the Spring 2018 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

new stories
woven by firelight
grandma's loom

bone tired
every day one twig
for the nest

15 March 2018: In this week's Haiku Windows and two from the last and previous weeks:

a rare glimpse
of mom crying
shaded windows

searching high and low
for the office cat
billowing curtains

waving to my daughter
from our tree fort window
second childhood

1 March 2018: "breakwater", "soaring eagle", and "crescent moon" appear in otata.

22 February 2018: Scifaiku, "Distinct Clang" and "Flickering Flame" with black and white watercolour painting "Into the Light" appear in Star*Line 41.1.

21 February 2018: Scifaiku, "Rumble" and "Titan Landing", and horrorku, "Between" and "Thin Winter Air" appear in Scifaikuest 59 and Scifaikuest Online.

21 February 2018: Haiku, "sunroof" appears in Haiku Windows.

my hair tries
to escape

20 February 2018: Haiku, "ballet recital" was reprinted in old song: The Red Moon Press Anthology which which features the best published English language haiku of 2017.

ballet recital
the parents
tiptoe in

6 February 2018: My haiku "the impressions" appears in Haiku Masters:

the impressions
we leave in this world
water ripples

1 February 2018: 4 haiku appear in the 26th issue of otata:

mouse nor deer

pool of
elephant tears
ivory moon

worn path
going around
in circles

frozen mountain
bearing the pain
of arthritis

3 January 2018: My oil painting "The Last Day" is on the cover of Gnarled Oak!

3 January 2018: My science fiction children's poem "The New Kitten" appears in Spaceports & Spidersilk.

2 January 2018: My poem "Born of Blood and Tears" appears in Issue 4:3 of Mythic Delirium.

1 January 2018: First publication of 2018: a trio in the January issue of otata.

at the playground
parents hovering

stubborn macadamias
my daughter's hands
tightly clenched

finally the kick
of her unborn child
tenth pregnancy


2018 Sales

29 December 2018: My haiku "never certain" will appear in the Winter 2018 edition of The Cicada's Cry.

18 December 2018: My flash fiction "The Goblin" was sold to Daily Science Fiction!

9 December 2018: My brush painting "All the Ink in My Blood" will be the cover for the February 2019 online issue of Scifaikuest!

1 December 2018: Haiku "not a dragon" was accepted for the Spring 2019 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

29 November 2018: Horrorku "Fissures in the Skin" and "Tidal Waves" were sold to the February 2020 Online issue of Scifaikuest.

14 November 2018: Flash fiction "The Division of Twins", poems "Like Birds in the Shimmering Clouds", "Girl on Fire", and, haiku sequences "Wild Rose", "Girlhood", "Love Game", "Housewife" were accepted to Alluvium. They will appear on the 3rd and 10th of December.

6 November 2018: Horrorku "Pack of Werewolves", "The Second", and tanka "Seeing you Both" were sold to Scifaikuest.

4 November 2018: "Dark Dragons" was sold to Silver Blade Issue 40, out this November.

20 October 2018: My science fiction poem "Sunset on Kepler 22b" was sold to The Future Fire.

17 October 2018: My digital paintings "Dreams of Another World" and "Inside" were sold to Scifaikuest for their February 2020 print and online covers, respectively.

13 October 2018: Scifaiku "The Feeling" and "Pets" and my digital art "Worlds Collide" were sold to Star*Line.

11 October 2018: Tanka "No Monsters", "Slow Boat to the Stars", "Living an Eternity", and joined poem "All Hallows Eve" were sold to Scifaikuest.

7 October 2018: "The Island" and "Light at the End of the Tunnel" were sold to Spectral Realms #10.

27 September 2018: My watercolour painting "Cat's Eye" will be the cover for the Autumn 2018 issue of Illumen!

24 September 2018: "how much of him" was accepted for the Autumn 2018 issue of Wales Haiku Journal.

15 September 2018: My dark drabble "The Fast Draw" was sold to Drabbledark II.

31 August 2018: My drabble "Ain't the Wild West" was sold to Drabble Harvest: Space Western.

30 August 2018: Flash fiction "Helluva Journey" was sold to New Myths. It will appear in the December 2018 issue.

29 August 2018: Tanka "Too Quickly" and Joined Poem "Life on Kepler-452b" were sold to Scifaikuest for their November 2019 print issue.

14 August 2018: My dark drabble "The Girl in the Mirror" was sold to Drabbledark II.

5 August 2018: Haiku "king tide" and "a long pause" were accepted for Akitsu Quarterly's Winter 2018 issue.

2 August 2018: Scifaiku and tanka "Still Can't Decide", "Time Loop", "The Song I Can't", "Vampiric Fog", "Wishing", and "In a Flash" were sold to Scifaikuest.

29 July 2018: My horror poem "Inheritance" will be reprinted in the anthology Haunted Are These Houses.

21 July 2018: Flash fiction "The Assassin Program" will be reprinted in the anthology Sins and Other Worlds this October.

20 July 2018: My Rhysling-nominated poem "Twenty Years" will be included in the anthology Passages: The Best of New Myths.

19 July 2018: My science fiction poem "Life on Uranus" and black and white digital painting "Happiest Childhood Memories" were sold to Star*Line.

18 July 2018: Scifaiku and horrorku "My Eyes", "Mesmerized", and "Alien Sapling" were sold to Scifaikuest.

7 July 2018: My haiku "summer break" has been selected for The Cicada's Cry Summer Edition 2018.

25 June 2018: "The Sentient Stars" was sold to Polu Texni.

23 June 2018: "Mission to Mercury" has been sold to Abyss & Apex! It will appear in Issue 68 this October.

12 June 2018: My first comic sale ever! "Just Another Day" has found a home at Space Squid! :D

8 June 2018: Sold drabble "Mars Base" to Martian Magazine.

7 June 2018: Haiku "eye surgery", "bracing for", and "lost in a fugue" were accepted for otata.

2 June 2018: Horror poem "The Joy of Sewing" was sold to the Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase.

27 May 2018: Weird poems "The Vampire's Mother" and "The Mermaid" were sold to Spectral Realms #9.

26 May 2018: My poem "Legacies" and ink illustration "Cat World" were sold to Star*Line.

26 May 2018: Haiku "lake house" was accepted for the Fall 2018 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

24 May 2018: Scifaiku "silent orbit of stars", "just wanting", and "seeing stars" were sold to Scifaikuest.

24 May 2018: Scifaiku "last one through" was sold to Grievous Angel.

21 May 2018: Haiku "misty dawn" was accepted for the Spring 2018 issue of Wales Haiku Journal.

9 May 2018: Senryu "teenage years", "comet trail", and "withering rose" were accepted for the upcoming issue of Prune Juice.

1 May 2018: My 100-word stories "Luci" and "The Future Conquerers" will be appearing in Drabbledark: An Anthology of Dark Drabbles.

12 April 2018: Haiku "old song" was accepted for the upcoming issue of Frogpond.

5 April 2018: Scifaiku "in perfect health", "gentlest quiver", and "meteor shower" were sold to Scifaikuest for their August 2019 issue.

1 April 2018: Fairy tale poem "Grandmother Red" was sold to New Myths.

31 March 2018: Fantasy poem "The Warrior Mephala" was sold to Star*Line.

25 March 2018: Two ink illustrations "Dreams of Flight" and "Preparing to Fly" were sold to Star*Line.

23 March 2018: Sold flash fiction "The Many Lives of Swan Everly" to Outposts of Beyond.

20 March 2018: "another day" was accepted for Chrysanthemum 23, Spring 2018.

10 March 2018: "giving spring" was sold to The Cicada's Cry, Spring 2018.

3 March 2018: "The Girl Made of Electricity" was sold to Unnerving Magazine.

28 February 2018: My watercolour painting "First Time on a Swing" and poem "Mars Colony" have been sold to Star*Line.

23 February 2018: 3 scifaiku "Curled Up Tentacles", "Within Sight", and "The Many Ways", and cherita "First Day of Summer" were sold to the May 2019 issue of Scifaikuest.

15 February 2018: "rediscovering" and "the strength" were accepted for the Summer 2018 issue of Akitsu Quarterly.

2 February 2018: Cherita "dreaming", "twin fawns", and "family" have been accepted to upcoming issues of the cherita.

1 February 2018: "Soft Whispers", "No One", "Morning Star", and "Alone on the ISS" have been sold to the May 2019 issue of Scifaikuest.

12 January 2018: Tanka "Amid the Debris" and ku "Deja vu" were sold to Illumen for their Summer 2018 issue.

11 January 2018: My black and white line art "Adrift to Saturn" was sold to Scifaikuest for their February 2019 print edition.

10 January 2018: Haiku "new stories" was accepted by Akitsu Quarterly for their Spring issue.

8 January 2018: My haiku "ballet recital" has been selected for inclusion in old song: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2017.

7 January 2018: My haiku "the gravity of disrespect" has been selected for inclusion in the Best of Paper Lanterns Anthology.

3 January 2018: Scifaiku "Distant Clang" and "Flickering Flame" along with my painting "Into the Light" were sold to Star*Line 41.1.

1 January 2018: My watercolour painting "Waiting Together" was sold to Dreams and Nightmares for their #109 cover!!


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