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A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press) is a poetic feast of sleeplessness and shadows, an exquisite exhibition of fear and things better left unsaid. Available from July 14th in paperback from Amazon.

A Collection of Nightmares by Christina Sng

Astropoetry, my first collection of 2017, celebrates the wonders and mysteries of space in scifaiku and lyrical prose. On sale now in print US$6 and digital US$1.99 from Alban Lake Publishing.

Astropoetry by Christina Sng

Elgin Chapbook Award nominee, An Assortment of Sky Things, is a poetic tour of the solar system and beyond in haiku and short poetry. Available in print for US$5 postpaid from Allegra Press.

An Assortment of Sky Things by Christina Sng

Catku takes us on a whimsical life journey between a cat and its human, a tale woven with 21 haiku and senryu based on my life with beloved cats. A must-have for all cat lovers. Available in print for US$5 postpaid from Allegra Press.

CATKU by Christina Sng

A Constellation of Songs, my first haiku collection, spans birth to death, illuminating the wonder and beauty of life in between. Available in print from Allegra Press for US$5 postpaid and as a free PDF from the Origami Poems Project.

A Constellation of Songs by Christina Sng

Dark Dreams is on sale as an eBook at Smashwords. The amazing cover is by Brian Hurtt, artist and co-creator of The Sixth Gun.

Dark Dreams

Christina Sng is a poet, writer, and artist. Her work in Japanese short form poetry, science fiction, and horror has received numerous accolades, most notably, Second Prize in The 2016 San Francisco International Competition for Tanka, Third Prize in the 2016 Annual Harold G. Henderson Award for Haiku, nominations in the Dwarf Stars and Rhysling Awards as well as Honourable Mentions in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. She is the author of several collections, including Elgin Award nominee An Assortment of Sky Things (Allegra Press), A Constellation of Songs (Origami Poems Project, Allegra Press), Catku (Allegra Press), Astropoetry (Alban Lake Publishing), and A Collection of Nightmares (Raw Dog Screaming Press).

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2 December 2017: Gwendolyn Kiste interviews me at Poetic Nightmares: Interview with Christina Sng.

26 November 2017: My haiku "Age Old Battle" is one of the four winners in the All-Out Monster Revolt's Dai Kaiju Haiku Contest!

age old battle
in the skies of Jupiter
cloud leviathans

20 November 2017: "The Missing Sock" has earned me my first fiction prize in The Great Eighty Flash Fiction Competition!

5 November 2017: My haiga, "not alone" has earned an Honourable Mention in The Second Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest! This is the first time my paintings have received a commendation.

"This lovely expressive watercolour immediately catches the eye with bold colours and a strong link to the senryu. Which becomes a very powerful statement, encapsulating something we may have considered in our lives. Our deep connection to all the universe shines forth in this haiga." ~Ron C. Moss, judge, traditional haiga category

Deeply grateful thanks to judge Ron C. Moss, for this honour, and to publishers, Michael Rehling and Steve Hodge for sponsoring this contest and publishing my work in their wonderful journals, Failed Haiku and Prune Juice.

25 September 2017: Gabino Iglesias reviews A Collection of Nightmares at HorrorTalk:

"A Collection of Nightmares is poignant and disturbing, beautifully written and wildly ranging in subject matter and execution, horrific and wonderfully atmospheric. If a large chunk of contemporary poetry pushes me back into the comforting arms of novels, this collection violently pushed me to seek out more of Sng's work, and that's one hell of an achievement."

24 September 2017: My haiku "first day home" received an Honourable Mention at the 2017 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival International Haiku Invitational.

first day home
from the hospice
cherry blossoms

24 September 2017: All the Ends of the World -- my podcast interview at The Outer Dark!

15 September 2017: A Collection of Nightmares receives a 5 star review by John Reinhart.

8 September 2017: Linda Addison gives A Collection of Nightmares 5 stars on Amazon.

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12 December 2017: My ink illustration "Young Witch to Saturn" makes its way to the Fall issue of Star*Line along with poems "Little Red in Haiku" and "Journey into Neptune"!

5 December 2017: My haiku is featured for the first time at Haiku Masters.

telling you
the heartbreaking news
wintry lake

5 December 2017: "Une Nouvelle Vie" is reprinted in The Jewish Mexican Literary Review.

1 December 2017: Scifaiku "final cut" and "dust carpet" appear in Scifaikuest #58.

1 December 2017: Haiku "dark matter" appears in otata #24.

dark matter
the difficulty
of reconciliation

1 December 2017: Haiku "grocery bags" appears in brass bell.

grocery bags
the heaviness
of my heart

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12 December 2017: My flash fiction "The Assassin Program" will be reprinted in the July 2018 issue of Outposts of Beyond.

7 December 2017: My dark poem "Reflections" will be appear in the November 2018 issue of Bloodbond.

1 December 2017: Sold my first children's story "Sir Jack and the Bad Elf" to Frostfire Worlds! It will appear in the August 2018 issue.

15 November 2017: My haiku "autumn leaves" was sold to The Cicada's Cry 2017 Autumn Edition.

13 November 2017: My haiga "not alone" will be published in Natural Awakenings Magazine this December.

3 November 2017: Haiku "slack tide" and oil painting "The Last Day" were accepted for the 14th issue of Gnarled Oak.

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